Personal Statement for Mental Health Nursing Sample

Personal Statement is a written essay that helps you discuss your values to the admission board. It explains why you’re the best candidate for the program and what addition you’ll make as a student. However, this personal Statement for Mental Health nursing sample has been provided to guide you.

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Areas to Cover When Writing Your Personal Statement

  1. Personal motivation to study the course
  2. Academic and professional background
  3. Relevance of program to your career
  4. Why you picked the school and country.
  5. Qualities that would make you a good addition to the program.
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Personal Statement for Mental Health Nursing

A long-time fascination with the workings of the mind inspired me to pursue a degree in Psychology from xxx. During my Psychology study, I was first introduced to the subject of mental health through a branch of psychology known as clinical psychology. Through this module, I was exposed to the examination of mental illness and behavioural disorders. Three years after finishing my undergraduate degree, I was hired as a Health Care Assistant at xxx in xxx, and I was able to put my theoretical knowledge into practice. And since then, I have continued to work in the care service industry, and have also gained vast expertise in dealing with individuals suffering from varying impairments. A Master’s Degree in Mental Health Nursing will broaden my knowledge and better prepare me for my future career. Now, I am interested in backing my experience as a caregiver with a relevant certification, and a degree in Mental Health Nursing will go a long way to broaden my knowledge and place me in a position to enjoy a productive nursing career.

My desire to pursue a degree in Mental Health Nursing and a career in this sector stems from my personal experience working in the caring profession and assisting in resolving difficulties for patients suffering from a range of mental disorders. My experience working in the care service profession and assisting patients who are suffering from different forms of disorders has motivated me to choose this career path. I have already gained a genuine and practical grasp of the challenges of this field and I know the satisfaction that comes with assisting patients to ease their difficulties, so, I believe that I have the desire that will motivate me to excel in this program.

More so, I believe that I will excel in this study, and ultimately in the mental health nursing profession because; I possess some of the qualities like emotional stability, empathy, courage, and commitment, which are among the qualities that are needed in this field. I know that mental health nurses perform many of the same duties as psychiatrists, including diagnosis, counseling, and medication prescription. In addition to the general care experience I currently possess, these are the areas in which I hope this MSc program will expand my knowledge in. In future, I want to work for the NHS as a mental health nurse to improve patient care and treatment. With the rising reports of mental health issues affecting individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, I am convinced that studying this course is the right decision for me. It will place me on the right path to collaborate with other meaningful professionals who have dedicated their career to this field. Though my ultimate objective is to run a care facility in the future, I am also aware of the other career opportunities that are available to qualified professionals in this field. Hence, I look forward to utilizing my knowledge upon graduation to collaborate with my colleagues to deliver exceptional care service.

I understand that the course may present me with adversity that I have yet to face in the field of healthcare, but I have learnt from my work how to take on challenges with positive thinking and the importance of a friendly attitude, teamwork and responsibility. I chose the University of Derby because your institution is considered one of UK’s premier universities for professional studies and fully embraces the experiential learning style, allowing for the seamless blending of academics and actual practice. The modules I am particularly interested in include Fundamental Nursing Skills, Nursing in Practice Medical Health, and Complexities in Mental Health Nursing.

UK is a world leader in this field. I believe that by learning from world experts in Mental Health Nursing departments at a London university and studying alongside bright and eager minds who share my passion for mental health, I will be giving myself the best possible chance to prepare for a future career as a Mental Health Nurse. I have learned that education, re-education, and a flexible reception of new information are vital keys to life that comprise critical components of progress. As a result, I am beginning on a path of self-development to keep up knowledge and information. This program at the University of Derby will shape the next phase of my life, exposing me to the numerous options and chances that exist today and in the near future. My path has been fraught with hurdles and uncertainty, but I have addressed each one with dedication and a desire to work until the solutions become clear. This is the strategy I want to use throughout this Mental Health Nursing program and beyond as I learn and develop. I look forward to your consideration and acceptance into your MSc in Mental Health Nursing program.

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