Personal Statement for Masters in Applied Data Science

Statement of Purpose Sample

Personal Statement is written to communicate your background and why you want to join a particular program. When applying for masters in applied data science, applicants are faced with the task of connecting their current occupation and their chosen course which most times don’t come off as an easy task. So, we are presenting a sample personal statement for masters in applied data science which was submitted by another applicant to guide you when writing yours.

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Areas to cover when writing your personal statement include:

  1. Personal motivation to study the course
  2. Academic and professional background
  3. Relevance of the program to your career
  4. Why you picked the school and country.
  5. Qualities that would make you a good addition to the program

Personal Statement for Masters in Applied Data Science

Sometimes, it is passion; sometimes, it is desire; and sometimes it is fate. I would say I was predestined to pursue a degree in philosophy because its admission letter fell into my lap in 2000. I grabbed it and my undergraduate journey at xxx University began. It was not quite challenging getting accustomed to the field of philosophy but I feared for my flair for mathematics. I feared that I would lose it; I feared that if it was not watered by academic assessments such as tests, exercises, assignments, presentations, and the taxing end-of-the-semester examinations, it would fizzle out from my brain before graduation.  It somewhat manifested as I had to surrender and substitute vast mathematical formulas, equations, and theories in my brain with those in the discipline of philosophy just to sail through the course. Meanwhile, I devised a method that helped me hone my mathematical inadequacy into excellence. I made friends with brainy students of mathematics and that helped me mingle the knowledge of mathematics and philosophy together smoothly while my undergraduate days lasted.

Upon graduation, I could boast of the vast knowledge gained in philosophy, but the void, the conscious appetite for mathematics or a field in mathematics beckoned me. Since then, I began improving a more conscious yearning to further my education in any mathematics-related field as only that can fill the void.

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Taking my antecedent events into cognizance, I cannot rule out the impact and relevance of my undergraduate study which has broadened my perspective of life and exposed me to the application of logic and the use of premises to arrive at logical conclusions in problem-solving. This has helped me build problem-solving skills, communication skills, and critical reasoning skills among others. It has sharpened my ability to solve abstract or mundane problems and improved my decision-making skills. Also, gaining early analytical and numerical proficiency through the knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics in my secondary school acquainted me with a scientific understanding of the importance of data. A multifarious career in the banking industry has also afforded me several professional and practical courses and pieces of training in banking and finance as related to customer service, relationship management, operational risk management, information security, business etiquette and communication skills, credit mastery and risk management, sales methodology and technique and sales tracking system amongst others. Combining these self and employer-financed pieces of training with the analytic, unprejudiced, and interpersonal skills I gathered during my undergraduate study, I have exhibited immense industrial proficiency in the banking sector. However, there is a yearning for career progression. This desire has brought about my choice to study applied Data Science.



To this effect, I am applying for this graduate program in the continuum of my professional development and to learn and develop a high-level ability to design and implement database, big data, and analytics applications to meet business needs. I also intend to amass knowledge of real-life data science problems and gain practical exposure to relevant software to tackle those problems. Fundamentally, I envisage possessing an in-depth knowledge of Machine learning after my studies at Teeside University. I will be receptive to other aspects of the course module. Coming to this program, I will bring to the table knowledge from my years of experience working in the banking industry, my natural flair for mathematics, my yearning to learn, and my willingness to offer academic contributions during classroom work and interactions. I look forward to making real contributions to the society during and after graduation as I believe your University will provide me with the in-depth knowledge and skills I need to attain my objective.

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