Personal Statement for International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Statement of Purpose Sample

When writing your Personal Statement for International Tourism and Hospitality Management there are certain areas of interest that you need to cover which we discuss in this sample. The Personal Statement for International Tourism and Hospitality Management Sample is for your study and not for your use.

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Areas to Cover in your Personal Statement

  1. Personal motivation to study the course
  2. Academic and professional background
  3. Relevance of program to your career
  4. Why you picked the school and country.
  5. Qualities that would make you a good addition to the program

Personal statement for International Tourism and Hospitality Management

Globalisation has exposed hospitality to be more than just an industry but equally a business concept. Businesses are now realising that they do not necessarily have to be playing in the hospitality industry for them to integrate the concept of hospitality into their service offerings. In my over 6 years of working in the hospitality industry, I have carefully studied   innovative ways to exceed customer expectations, which in my opinion will always be a core aspect of business that other industries will always look up to the hospitality and tourism industry to replicate their efforts.

To say that I have enjoyed my experience working in this industry will be an understatement, the experience, exposure, network, and growth opportunities is second to none, and I am committed to building a successful career in this industry. I began my career in the hospitality industry as a Housekeeping Self-Checker for xxx in xxx and have successfully worked my way up the corporate ladder. However, my growth has been stunted due to my lack of a corresponding academic degree in hospitality management. I have had to watch my colleagues with similar experiences advance past me in the workplace due to their academic degrees, so I am committed to giving myself an improved chance for growth through this degree. My first degree was in xxx (bachelor’s degree), and the learning experience helped me to build the skills and general business knowledge that made my initial transition into hospitality easy. Skills like accounting, reporting, critical thinking, continual learning, organising, interpersonal communication, team collaboration, and adaptability which I developed during my undergraduate study all played key roles in my transition into the hospitality industry. Thus far, I have gained exposure to important responsibilities and roles in the hospitality sector including housekeeping department, purchasing and receiving department and in-room dining, and I am interested in back-up my experience with an academic study to give me better opportunities in the corporate world.

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After going through the outline for this program; including the modules, fees, facilities, and faculty staff, and seeing how Robert Gordon University balances tourism and hospitality studies into one program, I have concluded that studying here will be a wise decision for me. Firstly, this university has built a reputation for producing highly sought after graduates and that tells a lot about the years of consistently maintaining the standard of its programs and faculties, and I admire that. Secondly, Robert Gordon University ranks among the top three universities in Scotland by the National Student Survey for student satisfaction. Thirdly, the tuition and living expenses in Scotland are quite affordable compared to the quality of learning that I am going to achieve. More so, the accreditation of this program by the Institute of Hospitality and the Tourism Management Institute further boosted my confidence to settle for this program.

I already work and live in one of the most sought after tourist locations in the world with a strong hospitality industry: this degree will have an immediate impact on my career considering the wide reach of this industry in xxx, and the ease to advance to higher professional levels that will enable me to have a comfortable life. I look forward to utilising this course module to develop insight about inner-workings and gain innovative ideas to improve my productivity in the hospitality industry. In the future, I see myself as one of the most influential hospitality personalities; I have a vision of owning a Hotel Management company in xxx to enhance the hospitality system of the country, by delivering top notch and branded personalised service in the industry.

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