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Personal Statement for Financial Intelligence Sample

The achievements of financial technology in xxx in the last two decades have inspired rapid growth not only in the financial industry but literally every other aspect of our society. Providing innovations that has eased the use of financial services such as payments, withdrawal, mortgage, asset storage, investments, and other financial derivatives has caused a rebirth, and this has now increased the activities and interest of both individual and organizations both as end users, service providers and investors. I am interested in pursuing a master in financial technology in order to capitalize on the resources of graduate studies, and gain knowledge in the sophisticated areas of financial technology.

I gained my first exposure to financial technology in the year 2018 when I joined a group of talented professionals to innovate solutions for non-interest banking especially for the large Muslim community in Nigeria. This led to the formation of xxxx- an online, microfinance institution with the objective of providing non-interest financial services that is not easily accessible with the conventional financial institutions in xxx. Through early exposure to the business idea and training, I assumed the position of Financial Risk Analyst for the company, and in the last four years, it is safe to say that we have achieved remarkable success with the company. Throughout the last four years, I have been responsible for tracking cash flow, planning finance, analyzing company’s financial strength and weakness and other level of risks involved in making specific business decisions. These responsibilities have further exposed me to data analytics, financial models and markets, and I see this program as an opportunity to formally gain the academic background through expanded course work.

In my previous academic work in Business Administration (bachelor’s degree) I was exposed to course modules such as; quantitative analysis, principles of accounting, financial accounting, business administration, Islamic business ethics, cost and management, insurance, globalization and business, analysis for business decision amongst others. Without any doubts, the knowledge gained from my undergraduate study has been crucial to my success as a Financial Risk Analyst, and I am even more motivated to improve on that. Asides from my academic work, I have also enrolled for other training to sharpen my accounting and leadership skills, and I am also a certified member of xxx. Now, my academic work during this program will prepare me to solve increasing complex financial issues using technology and I am also excited about the level of solutions that I will be bringing to xxx upon the completion of this MSc in Financial Intelligence.

Despite the growth and global contribution of financial technology, most nations are still playing catch-up especially in terms of financial intelligence. However, the United Kingdom has proven to be one of the nations that has demonstrated its interest in financial intelligence and has show commitment with huge investments in financial education within the United Kingdom. It is with this knowledge that I am inspired to study in the UK, so that I can tap into the limitless potentials in its education system and economy to prepare myself for the next step of my career growth. The University of Salford particularly offers course modules that are of strong interest to me, I am interested in gaining deeper insight of financial intelligence while also gaining knowledge to keep me relevant in my career. Fortunately, the course outline for this program presents courses that will position me to achieve my learning goals through modules in economic and regulatory environment of financial technology, innovation financing, digital innovation in fintech organizations and data analytics.  One of my major interests in this program is to participate in project works that involves the creation of application programming interfaces to mediate and enable safe transfer and storage of digital data. So, studying at Salford in the UK will enable me to take full advantage of the vast resources of the city during my project work.

Conclusively, I want to do whatever that I can to ensure the growth of the business innovation that I became a part of, this program will go a long way to groom me and turn me into a valuable solution provider in the finance sector. Thank you for your consideration.

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