Personal Statement for a Master’s in Information Systems

Statement of Purpose Sample
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This is a sample personal statement for a Master’s in information systems. It was submitted by another applicant to guide your writing.

More so, we’ve used this post to answer some questions about Personal Statement writing and provide more samples for other universities in the USA, UK, Canada, and other European countries. We have also included a PDF version of the sample available for download

P.S: This sample provided here is solely for education purposes, do not copy it. If you need assistance writing yours, click here to hire our experts today.

Personal Statement for a Master’s in Information Systems

How to Write Personal Statement for University Application

When writing your personal statement, you have to understand and follow this guide;

Getting Started:

  • Writing a good personal statement takes time, so be patient during this process. Don’t be shy to write and rewrite until you get your best statement. Remember that the quality of your statement will determine if you’ll be accepted or rejected for your desired course.
  • Start on time; don’t wait until it’s a few days before the deadline.
  • Do a thorough research about the university and the course that you’re applying to. Learn all you can about the trends in that discipline and it’ll help you harness your ideas.
  • Take out time to see what others who have applied for similar programs have written and you’ll be better prepared to start yours.
  • Note: Reading samples online is good to get ideas of how to effectively structure your statement, however, it should not be a means to copy people’s work and pass it as yours. You may be flagged for plagiarism.


  • When you’re set to write, the best thing to do is structure your statement into an outline (see outline below). Have an idea of what you would want to cover at the end of the day with your statement.
  • You can start by addressing those areas you want to cover differently without really connecting them. The idea is to have general points for the different sections of your statement and you can focus on connecting them later.
  • Write expressively and don’t bother about correctness and grammar during this stage. Your idea is first to transfer your thoughts into writing and you can think of arranging them later.
  • After you’ve gotten your draft, take a break.
  • Return to the draft at a later time and take an overview of the draft you’ve come up with; the reason is to see the areas that your statement is lacking in and then address them so it can flow.
  • After addressing all the areas of your outline and ensuring that they make good meaning, work towards connecting the paragraphs to form a single document that is well-structured. In other words, this is the point where you connect your paragraphs and ensure the stories/claims add up.
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Personal Statement for a Master’s in Information Systems

As a young IT professional with over four years of industry experience, I am eager to fully transition from healthcare to information technology. Pursuing a Master’s in Information Systems is essential for me to bridge the knowledge gap and launch my career in this specialised field.

At Fasthire, I was involved in managing and analyzing data to improve sales performance, developing and implementing software solutions to streamline business processes, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to drive technology adoption. These experiences have deepened my passion for the field and motivated me to further my education.

Although my experience in healthcare has been rewarding, I believe IT is a better fit for me. I am drawn to the dynamic and constantly evolving nature of IT, where I can leverage my problem-solving skills to drive innovation. Moreover, I realize that IT is a crucial enabler of healthcare services, and my skills can still be applied to improve patient outcomes and save lives indirectly.

For instance, I can develop healthcare information systems, create data analytics tools to track disease patterns or design telemedicine platforms to expand healthcare access. My goal is to combine my passion for IT with my healthcare background to make a meaningful impact.

In addition, my research interests lie in healthcare informatics, specifically in developing predictive analytics models to improve disease diagnosis and treatment outcomes. I am also fascinated by the potential of blockchain technology in ensuring data privacy and security in healthcare. I believe that the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s program, with its strong focus on healthcare informatics and data analytics, is the ideal platform for me to explore these interests.

Furthermore, the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s program stands out as my top choice due to its well-structured modules accommodating students without a computer-related undergraduate background. I am impressed by the faculty’s commitment to delivering excellent education through theoretical and research studies. I am confident that studying here will be a valuable investment in my future.

In conclusion, I am confident that my background in healthcare, combined with my passion for IT and my research interests, make me a strong candidate for the Master’s in Information Systems program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to and learn from the university’s vibrant academic community, and I am confident that this program will equip me with the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve my career goals and make a meaningful impact in the field.

Thank you for your consideration,



Free Sample of Personal Statement for a Master’s in Information Systems PDF Download

Download a copy of the Personal Statement for a Master’s in Information Systems PDF version

Note: This file is sorely for educational purposes, and should not be copied.

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