10 Most Profitable Skills for the Metaverse Era

10 Most Profitable Skills for the Metaverse Era

Metaverse is an online virtual world where humans can have a “second life” and co-exist in it. It is a social world where users can have interactions with themselves, but as avatars (cartoons). It makes use of 3D. So, basically, on the Metaverse, you can be in two places at the same time: the real world and the virtual world. However, the Metaverse version of you is an avatar.

Several outfits are moving towards the Metaverse. Microsoft, for instance, has created a system called “Mesh”, and Facebook has recently changed its name to “Meta”. The Metaverse is also known as Web 3.0 or the spatial web. To use the Metaverse, you can go through your computer screen or put on a headset (Virtual Reality Headset) that takes you indirectly, into virtual reality.

The Origin of the Metaverse

“Metaverse” as a term stems from ancient Greek origin with “Meta” meaning “with” or “after”. However, modern English explanations make it mean “going forward”. This is similar to the Greek meaning: “after”. “Verse” in “Metaverse” stands for “universe”. Therefore, a combination of these meanings brings the meaning of Metaverse to mean a world that goes beyond our normal physical or virtual worlds.

Matthew Ball, who is an American Venture capitalist and an early advocate of the Metaverse established its commercial and technological criteria and says that it never ends, and should allow concurrent usage by various users ranging from individuals to corporations and more.

Before considering all of these, however, it is useful to note that this term, “Metaverse”, was coined in a 1992 science fiction novel by Neal Stephenson titled Snow Crash. In this novel, humans (as avatars) interact with each other in a three-dimensional virtual space that is similar to the real world.

In Metaverse, you do not just view the content; you are in it. Anything that exists in real life is possible on the Metaverse.

The Use of the Metaverse

Metaverse allows for a metaphoric “real world” where humans can be together in an online space and interact about different facets of life like social, economic, political, entertainment, technology, etc. So that even if they are very far from each other, they can come to the same place as avatars (or cartoons) and interact. So, from the foregoing, one can say that the Metaverse has technological, economic, social, political, entertainment (and so on) uses. This is the Metaverse era and it is even coming in full force.

There are profitable skills that one could acquire in order not to be left out of this technological advancement. This article takes care of the 10 most profitable skills for the Metaverse era. It may also interest you to know that over 40 million dollars have been dropped on the chosen currency of the Metaverse, which is the Non-Fungible Token (NFT for short). 

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10 Most Profitable Skills for the Metaverse Era

1. Trading

You can trade Metaverse tokens and earn huge money from them. You can also buy property (land) in the Metaverse and sell it at a higher rate. That way, you have made more money than you invested. To know more about buying land on the Metaverse, click here.

Regarding selling Metaverse tokens, there are different tokens for different Metaverses. The currency used in Decentraland Metaverse, for example, is called “manna”. The currency used in Sandbox (which is another Metaverse) is called “Sand”. On Axieinfinity, the currency is AXS, and on Illuvium, it is I LV. One can buy and sell anything on the Decentraland Metaverse.

2. Writing

You can take up a writing career on the Metaverse, and that is another profitable skill. You will be paid money if you can write on Metaverse topics. In addition, if you can provide good research works and have a creative mind that can put words together very well, you can earn on the Metaverse.

3. Researching

One can be a Metaverse Research Scientist where your job would be to develop basic digital models that are in the real world. With this, corporations will be able to build something close to what is called the “theory of everything” where everything in the real world is possible digitally. This will make the foundation of things like games, adverts, connected health, etc.

To become this kind of researcher, you need to get a Ph.D. in Deep Learning and Computer Graphics. Other areas you need to learn are Computer Vision, Computational Imaging, etc.

4. Planning

In every aspect of life, planning is very essential, and the Metaverse is no exception. If you possess planning skills, you can be a Metaverse Planner. Companies need planning for implementing all matters that help in the functionality of a fully virtual online world. So, if you are very good at planning and organizing things, you can make money on the Metaverse.

5. Ad-Blocking

When using the internet and ads pop up, it can be very annoying. For instance, when using Facebook (now Meta) or YouTube, some ads just pop up and they can sometimes be upsetting. Although some of these ads may be useful, they could become intrusive at the end of the day. If there is an ad-blocker, these kinds of occurrences wouldn’t happen. On Metaverse, ad-blockers would ensure that all these intrusive ads do not disrupt what a user is doing. So, if you have digital skills and know-how to go about ad-blocking, you can make money on the Metaverse.

6. Designing

This is another profitable skill in the Metaverse era. You can create NFTs by designing things like art, avatars, wearables, buildings, products, etc, on the Metaverse. All you need to have is some basic design skills. After designing, you upload the things you have designed on the Metaverse and sell them. Buyers are willing to purchase these designs from you. You can also custom-design avatars, people’s homes, and so on. You could even sell them on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. There are just a lot of opportunities for you as a designer on Metaverse.

7. Fashion Skills

Since the Metaverse is considered the next internet, many fashion companies are not sleeping on it. Louis Vuitton, for example, has hosted a whole fashion show on the Metaverse. Also, Nike filed for a trademark for virtual goods, meaning that they’ll soon be producing virtual clothes, shoes, etc, and would be needing (or hiring) virtual fashion stylists and the likes. So, if you have fashion/fashion designing/styling skills, there is a huge chance that you are needed and useful on the Metaverse.

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8. Hardware Building

Hardware is needed  to create a fully/wholly digital world that has some interconnectedness with the real world. This is an expensive and complex part of the Metaverse. What the Metaverse Hardware Builder does is assemble and adapt the hardware even when they become more complex. So if you are computer savvy and know about hardware, this could be your chance at working on the Metaverse.

9. Online Security Skills

Just the same way our regular social media accounts are prone to hackers and fraudsters, the Metaverse also is. It is no exception. There could be cyber-attacks and frauds like biometric data leaks, NFT thefts, avatar hacking, etc. On this note, there will be a need for an expert on cyber-security that can work on the Metaverse. These people would make sure that protocols are followed. They could even invent protocols if need be. They (as a result of their security skills) would block cyber attacks quickly enough.

10. Story Telling

The last but not in any way the least on this list would be the storytelling skill. If you have got storytelling abilities, you can become a Metaverse storyteller. On the Metaverse, there is someone who would put up grand lessons about the Metaverse that people could learn from. This will also help users to be able to properly explore the Metaverse. All these, the storyteller does by using narratives.


The Metaverse is an interesting space and the next big thing. Therefore, possessing one or more of these skills mentioned above is very profitable in the Metaverse era. So, do not be left behind as the world is evolving every day and becoming even more digitalized by the day.

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