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Internship or Industrial Training is an avenue for students to gain corporate experience in their desired discipline. Many students and graduates develop networks and additional expertise that will help them offer valuable solutions by the time they return for employment.

Use this internship cover letter/application sample to your advantage if you are in search of an intern position.

Internship Cover Letter/Application Help Tips

  • Take out time to research the industry and company you are seeking employment.
  • Try not to repeat the things you have on your CV. You can rephrase achievements and results but as much as you can; avoid repetition.
  • You can use your cover letter to point out the things you could not point out in your CV i.e. a course you plan on starting, a recent relocation, a gap in your working years, a change in industry/sector, etc.
  • If the advert mentioned qualities they are looking out for in an applicant, as much as you can, try to showcase how you meet those requirements. Don’t overdo it, always keep it simple.
  • If you are given instructions such as; things to include in your cover letter, the number of words, format to submit in, etc. please stick to it.

Internship Cover Letter/Application Sample




Date: 11th June, 2019.

Human Resource Manager,

Anakle Nigeria Limited,

Lekki Phase1,

Lagos State, Nigeria.

Dear Sir,


I wish to use this medium to submit my application for the position of an intern in Anakle Nigeria Limited. As a young and motivated undergraduate studying Information Management Technology at the Federal University of Technology Owerri; my drive is to harness my discipline with my skills in public speaking, graphics designing, digital marketing and creative writing to maintain knowledge of emerging technologies and methods; to be able to proffer innovative ideas to help develop strategies and execute campaigns, for clients and agencies.

Total dedication to assigned tasks, team play, enthusiasm for continued learning, and willingness to think outside the box; are the basic traits that have allowed me to stay productive, and enjoy every bit of whatever I do. Working in an environment that focuses on education, teamwork, creativity and research, is a delight for me because of the emphasis on collaborative effort and partnership, to tap into individual brilliance and intellect.

If you are considering the addition of a young, vibrant, outspoken and hardworking candidate, with love for marketing, public speaking, social media marketing and information technology; I am confident that I can add tremendous value to your operations. An intern opportunity to kick-start my career in a working environment like Anakle will offer me avenues for further education and growth.

A resume is enclosed for your review and consideration. I can be contacted through the details provided above.

Thank you in advance.


Ayetomi Oluwaseun

What to Include in Your Internship Cover Letter

  • Your name, email address and phone number at the top right side of the letter.
  • The name of the company and the contact person’s full name (if you know it) on the left side.
  • The date you wrote the letter on the right side.
  • A reference line (e.g., “Re: Application for Undergraduate Intern Position”)
  • An address to the reader directly (e.g., “Dear Mr. Kunle” – try to avoid using “To whom it may concern” if you can).
  • An opening statement, that briefly introduces you to the reader.
  • The main body, that highlights the skills and experiences you have, which are relevant to the job.
  • A closing paragraph, asking to arrange an interview.
  • General skills, that help you work in a team and as part of an organisation.
  • Personal attributes, that will help you learn to work in a professional work environment.
  • Schoolwork experience or volunteer work, that demonstrates your strengths and attributes.
  • Sporting or community club participation (if relevant).

Most Sought After Intern Skills

Naturally, the skills employers look out for, in an intern varies from industry to industry, and from job to job. However, there are skills that employers value across the board.

The core soft skills that employers look for in an intern include:

  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Time management and organisation
  • Oral and written communication
  • Teamwork
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Initiative and enterprise
  • Critical and analytical thinking
  • Ability to apply discipline, knowledge and concepts
  • Information gathering, evaluation and synthesis
  • Emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills
  • Adaptability

Hard skills that employers look out for, in an intern, include:

  • Specialised maths knowledge: A working knowledge of calculus, statistics and probability, are required for a career as an actuary.
  • Good business sense: Accounting and economics.
  • Strong computer skills: Formulating spreadsheets, statistical analysis programs, database manipulation, programming, etc.

Note: Employers don’t expect you to have all these skills, and you will learn many more on the job. But of course, when writing your internship cover letter/application letter, any special knowledge that you’ve acquired through the course of your studies, volunteer experiences, or part-time work experiences will be an added advantage.

Cover Letter Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is simply a document that provides additional information on your qualities, strengths, values, skills and experience. The primary goal of a cover letter is to show why you are qualified for a particular job position.

  • When do you need a cover letter?

You need a cover letter to accompany your Curriculum vitae (Resume) when applying for a job, but more importantly, when it is requested by your prospective employer.

  • How to write a successful internship cover letter?

The best way to write a winning internship cover letter/application letter is to mirror the qualities and values a prospective employer needs. To put it in another way, your cover letter should speak to what an employer needs, as advertised on their website, flier or any other advert portal.

  • How long should an internship cover letter be?

The argument of how long a cover letter should be will not end today. But seeing that you are only writing your application for an internship position, one page should be enough to talk about yourself and the qualities you’ll bring.

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