How to Write a Fresher’s Job Enquiry E-Mail

Fresher's Job Enquiry Email

This post will answer one of the vital queries of recent graduates; “HOW TO WRITE A FRESHER’S JOB ENQUIRY E-MAIL”.

Job hunting is one experience that cannot be avoided despite the hurdles that come with it. While employers face a huge task of picking the right candidate , the applicants are left to compete for the employers attention. Despite these facts, it is still unfortunate to note that many freshers do not know how to job hunt effectively.

The title of this article says ‘freshers’ but it’ll also be helpful to employees who are seeking better offers (Check out our post on “how to job hunt without quitting your job”). 

When hunting for a good job, fresh graduates need to know beyond just writing a winning CV (Curriculum vitae). There are other vital things that job applicants need to know such as; 

What is a Job Enquiry E-mail?

Job enquiry emails are messages that are sent to companies that haven’t advertised any job openings or given out public information on available vacancies in their companies. It has to do with an applicant sending his/her professional information to companies even without prior information on vacancies.

A job enquiry mail serves as a platform for you to introduce yourself to a company of interest. Let the company have your qualifications, make them aware of your skill set and professional experiences/background. It could lead to a scheduled meeting between you and the company, and who knows? You’re a step closer to landing that dream job!

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How to Write Job Enquiry E-mail Subject Line

The subject line for a job enquiry email should never be left blank. When you add a subject line, it gives your reader an idea of what the email is about. It also makes it almost impossible for your mail to be ignored (you don’t want your mail to end up in the spam folder). See your subject line as your mission; always keep it professional.

Ensure your E-mail subject line contains relevant keywords.

Examples of Freshers Job Enquiry Mail Subject Line       

Example 1: A social media expert trying to land a social media manager position in a media company; 

  • Social media expert seeking new opportunities.
  • Social media manager; Job Enquiry.

Example 2: From;

  • Job Application: Linda McCarthy – Editorial Assistant.

Example 3: From;

  • Informational Interview Request – XYZ College Student.

With such subject lines, you’ve captured the essence of the email.

 How to Address a Job Enquiry E-mail/Salutation

Before you send a job enquiry email to any company, you should thoroughly research the company.

Addressing the mail to a specific name is a positive move and an advantage for you. This means that your background research should be as qualitative as possible. You should know the right office to address the mail to, and the name of the personnel occupying that position (possibly).

In your salutation; instead of using generic terms such as “Dear Sir” or “To whom it may concern”, you’ll address your mail to the hiring manager of the company or the HR in charge of recruitment.

 Examples of Job Enquiry Email Salutation

The Hiring Manager,

Fasthire Corporation.

Dear Ms. Sonia,


The Hiring Manager,

Fasthire Corporation.

Mr. ABC,

How to Write the Body of a Job Enquiry E-mail

I strongly believe that this is the most important part of the enquiry mail. Therefore, you have to use this section to sell yourself well to whoever would read the mail on behalf of the company. Convince them about considering you for the job position.

First Paragraph:

State the intent of the message. You should begin by introducing yourself and pointing out that your message is a job enquiry.

Second Paragraph:

Give brief information on your skills and experience, what you can offer the company, and why you wish to work with the company. You’re explaining your interest in the company and how you can be of value.

Examples of Freshers Enquiry Email Body (First Paragraph):

  1. “My name is Chisom Mbagwu, I’m a social media manager, and I wish to enquire about any Social Media career opportunity at Fasthire Corporation”.
  2. “My name is Chisom Mbagwu, I hold a Bachelors degree in accounting. I have watched your company’s progress and success with interest, and I am seeking for a career opportunity to offer effective services in your company.


  • The mail shouldn’t be too long.
  • Do not write the mail with a casual tone, you might represent the company someday; you have to let them know that you are very professional.
  • Do not use abbreviations.   
  • Avoid telling stories.
  • If you’re currently employed elsewhere, let them know what you’ve done so far, and that you’re ready to move on if you get an offer from them.

A silent rule in writing job enquiry emails for freshers; Never sound like you’re begging for a job; you’re simply offering your expertise and experience.

What to Include in a Job Enquiry E-mail For Fresher

1.CV/Resume: Though some career experts argue that it is not advisable to attach your CV when enquiring for a job. But if you have a good lead on the company, you can go ahead and attach your CV/Resume to your mail.

Your CV will serve as a structured representation of your qualifications, aside what you’ve written in the body of the mail. Your CV can convince the company to schedule a future meeting or interview with you.

2.Certification: You can include one or two certificates in a professional course that shows your qualification for the role.

3. Email Signature.

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How to End a Job Enquire E-mail

  1. Reference your attachments: Before ending the mail, reference any attached document. Example; ‘’attached to this mail is my CV and certification in Social Media Management from The Lagos Business School’’.
  2. Maintain a Formal Close: Your closing salute should be friendly but formal. You can use; Sincerely, Regards, Faithfully.
  3. Include your name and Email-Signature: The end of a freshers’ job enquiry mail should contain your full name, and email signature. Your email signature can contain further information like;
  • Address
  • City and state of residence
  • Email
  • phone number
  • Social media handles (LinkedIn preferably)/ website URL. Etc.

Warning: Avoid informal terms.

NB: including social media handles or website URLs in your email signature depends on the kind of job and the nature of the company you’re applying.

To learn more about email signature and how to create an attractive one if you are seeking to apply for a job via mail, you should read this.

SAMPLES : How to Write a Fresher’s Job Enquiry E-mail

Finally, we get to see practical examples of job enquiry emails!

We would explore three enquiry mails for fresh graduates.

Example 1: “Bank Teller Job Inquiry- Richard Johnson”

The HR Manager,

Fasthire Bank.

Dear Sir,

I am actively looking for a teller position with Fasthire bank. While studying for my Bachelor’s Degree, I had the opportunity to acquire on-field skills in bank operations. With this knowledge, I can function effectively in the banking system and I wish to begin by being a teller at Fasthire bank.

I have acquired the relevant skills, and training for this position as my academic and on-field experience will show in my Curriculum Vitae.

I am currently available for an interview at the convenience of Fasthire bank. Please permit me to forward my Curriculum Vitae; detailing academic knowledge and practical skills. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss my enquiry with Fasthire bank.

Your time and consideration is greatly appreciated, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Richard Johnson.

<<<Email Signature>>>

Example 2: “Customer Care Service Operator Enquiry- Chioma Nobis”

The Hiring Manager,

Dynamo Travel Agency.

Dear Mrs. Ogun,

I would like to apply for the position of Customer Care Service Operator. I am a highly motivated individual with appreciable oral communication and interpersonal skills.

While a student, I was extensively involved in my school community, which allowed me to develop strong interpersonal skills. My involvement in various events and leadership positions allowed me to relate closely with people despite individual and collective differences.

These experiences have sharpened my communication skills, which I see as being very important to anyone desiring a Customer Care Personnel role. I am certain that I would add value to Dynamo Travel Agency.

My enclosed resume gives further details of my experience and qualifications. I would like to meet you personally and answer any questions you might have regarding my qualifications and skills.

I appreciate your time, and I look forward to getting a response from you.


Chioma Nobis.

<<<Email Signature>>>

Example 3: “Social Media Manager Job Enquiry”

The Hiring Manager,

Zi Corporation

Dear Ms. Chisom,

Thank you for taking out time to consider my job enquiry. My name is Sonia Chukwuma, I wish to enquire about career opportunities at Zi Corporation, in the area of social media management. I have 2 years of experience working as a social media manager part-time while I was still at the University.

I’m a distant admirer of Zi Corporation, and I’ve found it quite interesting how your company is represented online. Nevertheless, I strongly believe that more can be done to improve this impeccable image. Over the years while working for clients, I have promoted their company image, advanced goals, and increased productivity. Currently, I remotely handle a company’s social media platforms, and online branding, and I’ve successfully given the brand a befitting social image. I wish to apply my skills in a permanent position, and I am convinced that I can give your company great value if given the chance.

It would be great to meet with you to discuss potential openings at Zi Corporation, and how my skills can benefit the company. I’m ready to provide any further information that you might need.

Thank you for considering this enquiry, I anticipate your response.


Sonia Chukwuma.

<<<Email Signature>>>

Written By: Chisom Mbagwu

Was this article helpful? Do you have more questions on How to Write a Fresher’s Job Enquiry E-Mail? What would you like to add to the points we’ve raised here? Let us know in the comment section! 


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