How to write a CV for work abroad

How to Write a CV for Work Abroad

Normally, landing a job entails you writing a CV that makes you stand out from other candidates who are applying for the same job. This means you have a lesser chance of landing this job because more candidates are applying for this job. Therefore, with more people applying for this job, it is more than important that your CV stands out.

Furthermore, you should note that CV writing in every country varies. A CV that makes you stand out in a country can get you kicked out in another. If you are applying for work abroad, you need a CV that meets the country’s application standard. You need to know the best format, the best template, and the correct page length to use.

CV for Work Abroad VS CV for Work in your Country

It is important to note that a CV written for work in your country is different from a CV for work abroad. When writing a CV for work abroad, you have to emphasize your ability to adapt to a foreign country. Mention your international experiences and if you don’t have any, emphasize your passion to travel. Ensure to focus on things that would best describe you as the candidate for the job.

Most Common Mistakes in a CV

Below are the most common mistakes found in various CVs

  • Poor spelling.
  • Bad grammar.
  • Poor format.
  • Lengthy CV
  • Misplaced points
  • Failure to tailor your CV for the job.

Do’s and Don’ts when Writing your CV


  • Text in bullet points instead of full sentences.
  • Keep your CV brief.
  • Work with good CV writers. Need one? Contact Fasthire.
  • Use grammar and plagiarism checkers.
  • Only add relevant hobbies and interests and state them briefly.


  • Don’t share too much information in your summary.
  • While writing or constructing your CV avoid going into much detail.
  • Don’t use terms not related to the job.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms
  • Don’t write negative comments about your former employer.
  • Don’t add your photograph unless requested.
  • Cut out unexceptional achievements, academic results, or certificates.
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CV Format

  • Start with your name and contact information. Include two forms of contact: your email and your mobile number.
  • Briefly introduce yourself.
  • Summarise your skills
  • Highlight relevant work experience.
  • Show off your achievements.
  • Outline the courses and training you had to undergo.
  • Highlight the projects and publications you’ve carried out.
  • List out your qualifications
  • State your employment history
  • If required, list y our hobbies, interests, and references briefly.

How to Write a CV for Work Abroad

  • The first thing you should do is carry out your research on the country’s preferred CV writing process.
  • Create a header for your contact information. This information includes your full name in a large font, your current address and country of residence, your phone number, and your email address. In some countries, you may include your gender, date of birth, marital status, and nationality.
  • Begin your CV with a professional summary. In this summary, ensure to outline your strongest credentials and skills for the position you are applying for. Use it as a brief introduction of yourself.
  • Mention your academic experience.
  • Be truthful
  • Don’t be afraid to market your skills but do it professionally.
  • Keep your CV simple and concise.
  • Make use of strong action verbs.
  • Include relevant extra-curricular activities and voluntary work you engaged in.
  • Depending on the country’s preference, you might have to translate into their native language.
  • Endeavour to ask locals for help and advice on their CV writing process. Or you can work with a good CV writer aware of the process. Need one? Contact Fasthire.
  • Be honest about your language skills.
  • Confirm if your certifications are accepted.
  • Avoid jargon and acronyms
  • Tailor your CV tone to the country’s preference.
  • Highlight your international experiences and if you don’t have any express your willingness to relocate.
  • Read your written CV out aloud and also request your friends or family member to read through it. This way you can spot errors in your CV.
  • Employ the help of a professional CV writer or work with a recruiter that knows the country well.

Research Tips

When researching to write your CV for work abroad, there are specific things you have to focus on researching about and they are as follows

  • If the preferred country differentiates between a CV and a Resume.
  • The level of personal details to include.
  • If you can attach your photograph.
  • The length of your CV.
  • If you should translate.
  • The writing tone to use.


Writing a CV for your country needs caution and professionalism. Writing for work abroad needs more of these for you to stand out.

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