How to Win PTDF Scholarship: 2024/2025 Guide + Video

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If you’ve ever wondered how the PTDF scholarship works and how to win it, don’t skip this article. Importantly, ensure you read to the end and follow all our recommendation on how to win PTDF scholarship.

We have put this post together after series of interviews with recipients of the PTDF scholarship. Though people’s experiences are different, some lessons appear to be similar in their stories and this guide covers those important steps. Use this article as a guide, and also watch the interview with one of our sources as he discusses how to win PTDF scholarship.

More so, if you need assistance writing or reviewing your statement of purpose, contact us now (send a mail or WhatsApp message) and an expert will be assigned to assist you. Or you can check out this sample PTDF Personal Statement which earned one of our interviewees the scholarship.

Notice: If you need additional visual guide, we have embedded this video which featured one of the PTDF scholars in Germany for you.

Interview With PTDF Awardee

About PTDF Scholarship

What is PTDF Scholarship?

PTDF Scholarship is a scholarship scheme by the Federal Government of Nigeria aimed at developing indigenous human capacity and petroleum technology to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. It is a yearly scholarship that is available for Nigerians for both Masters and PhD students, fully funded study opportunities either in Nigeria or abroad.

What is the Age Limit for PTDF?

The PTDF scholarship is for Nigerian Citizens that are at least 18 years and at most 35 years old. If you don’t fall within this age bracket, you may get rejected.

Which Ministry is PTDF Under?

PTDF scholarship is a Nigerian scholarship. And since inception, it has remained under the supervision of the Ministry of Petroleum Resources of Nigeria.

Does PTDF Scholarship Adopt Federal Character in Shortlisting Candidates?

Yes, the PTDF scholarship respects and adopts the federal character of Nigeria in shortlisting candidates as confirmed by the Executive Secretary of the Fund, Dr Bello Gusau (reference). By this, each zone in the 6 geopolitical zones of Nigeria are given equal slots for successful candidates.

How PTDF Scholarship Assessment Works

The PTDF scholarship body evaluates some key things about each applicant. Some of the things that will be assessed for each applicant includes; study motivation, aspiration after study, academic background, interview performance, qualification, personal awards (national and international). Each of the things under evaluation are checked and scored (see how each section is scored below). After the assessment, the applicants with the best scores are selected.

PTDF scholarship also adopts the federal character of apportioning an equal number of opportunities for its scholarship across the different geopolitical zones of Nigeria.

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Here’s how the PTDF Scholarship assessment works for both MSc and PhD applicants;

How PTDF Scholarship Application is Assessed for MSc Applicants

Here’s a breakdown of the different areas that the scholarship scheme assesses for MSc applicants and the score apportioned for each area.

MSc PTDF Scholarship Proposal Assessment Template

A. Motivation

With this, the review committee tries to know how motivated you are for your course of interest. Do you have a strong background and convincing motivation? Your motivation is most times captured in your PTDF motivation/personal statement.

  • How did you develop your research interest and why is it important? Maximum 7 marks
  • Why have you decided to do a master’s degree? Maximum 8 marks

If you are new to writing statements, you can learn how to write a motivation statement here or contact us for a personal statement review services.

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B. Aspiration

With this, the assessment committer will be checking to see how well your aspirations aligns with the vision of the scholarship scheme. How well did you communicate your long term and short term goals? How does your long term and short term goals align with the vision of the scholarship scheme?

  • What do you plan to gain from your current research goals and your career goals? Maximum 8 marks
  • What do you hope to do immediately after you complete your master’s degree? Maximum 7 marks

C. Perspiration

Another thing that will be assessed during your application for the PTDF scholarship is how your previous experiences connects to your future interest. What are the traces that shows that you have been preparing for this opportunity and what shows that you’d excel if granted the scholarship to study your chosen course?

  • How have your previous academic research and professional experiences prepared you for a master’s degree? Maximum 7 marks
  • What exceptional achievements have you made? Maximum 8 marks
  • In the course of your career/academic experiences what contributions and/or impact have made?

D. Interview

Your performance during the interview is also key. The PTDF scholarship interview alone carries 20 marks, this shows you the level of importance they place on it. Hence, you need to prepare well and give a good account of yourself. You can practice how to prepare for an interview with some of our guides or contact us for a one-on-one mock interview preparation (send a mail or contact on social media).

  • Comportment, Maximum 5 marks
  • Application to the oil and gas Industry, Maximum 5 marks
  • Knowledge of subject matter Maximum 10 mark

E. Publications

This assessment looks at your past academic publications. The number of publications you have, how long you’ve been putting out publications, and the quality of your publications are all important assessment points for the PTDF scholarship.

  • Reputable Journal: at least a paper: each paper is 5 marks
  • When you’re preparing to apply for the PTDF scholarship, you should ensure to put out at least one publication.
  • If you don’t have the time to start writing a fresh publication, check if you can publish one of your previous academic works (e.g undergraduate project or MSc thesis).
  • Alternatively, check if you can partner with someone else and put out one publication.
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F. Qualification

Your academic qualifications and the quality of your degrees.

  • First Degree: First Class = 10 marks. Second Class Upper = 8 marks. Second Class lower = 5 marks

G. National/International Awards/Prizes

  • At most 4 awards: each award is 2.5 marks MAXIMUM 10 marks

How PTDF Scholarship Assessment Works for PhD Applicants

The assessment process for both the MSc and PhD PTDF scholarship applicants are the same. However, the assessment template has different grading for the PhD. In the next section, we have covered how the assessment template works for PhD applicants, also ensure to go through the template for MSc applicants even if you’re applying for PhD.

PhD PTDF Scholarship Proposal Assessment Template

How Your Introduction is Assessed for PTDF PhD Application

  • Appropriateness of Proposal Title. Maximum of 3 Marks
  • Background of Study. Maximum of 3 Marks
  • Statement of Problem. Maximum of 3 Marks
  • Significance of the study to the oil and gas sector. Maximum of 3 Marks
  • Aim(s) and Objectives of the study. Maximum of 3 Marks

How PhD Literature Review is Assessed for PTDF Scholarship

  • The extent of existing knowledge used and currency. Maximum of 4 Marks
  • Relevance of literature to the research. Maximum of 4 Marks
  • Acknowledgement of sources. Maximum of 4 Marks

How to Win PTDF Scholarship

Though people have different experiences applying for PTDF scholarships, we have curated some of the best tips to support you in your application. If you’re looking for how to win PTDF scholarship or you’ve ever asked the question “how can I win PTDF scholarship”, then you should take these tips seriously.

We would break them into pre-application, application, and interview tips.

How to win PTDF Scholarship: Before Application

1. Be Eligible: First things first, ensure that you’re eligible to apply for the funding, because at the end of the day if you’re not eligible and you do everything right in the application process, you’ll still not get anywhere with your application.

Who is Eligible for PTDF Scholarship?

All Nigerian graduates between the ages of 18 to 35 are eligible to apply for the PTDF scholarship. Other eligibility criteria include;

  1. A valid National Identity Number (NIN). You’re not eligible to apply if you don’t have your NIN, so, you must get it.
  2. Must be a Nigerian graduate with a minimum of second class upper (2.1) in an oil and gas/management related field for MSc applicants
  3. Must be a Nigerian graduate with a minimum of second class lower (2.2) in your first degree and a postgraduate degree. Your degree must be related to the oil and gas/management field for PhD applicants.
  4. You must have completed your NYSC
  5. Must be interested in studying courses relevant to oil and gas industry.
  6. Applicants who are interested in studying PTDF approved courses in PTDF partner institutions.

All Nigerian graduates between the ages of 18 to 35 are eligible to apply for the PTDF scholarship.

More information on the eligibility for PTDF scholarship.

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2. Prepare Your Documents: Get all the documents you’ll need to complete your application process beforehand. Don’t wait till when the portal is open before you start putting them together, get them ready on time.

What are the Documents Required for PTDF Scholarship Application

Here are the documents required for your application;

  1. Passport photograph. JPEG or PNG of not more than 200kb
  2. Valid email address
  3. A/O level results
  4. First degree (for MSc) and Second degree (for PhD)
  5. NYSC certificate
  6. Birth certificate (must be between18 – 35 years old)
  7. Indigene letter (local government identification or its similar)
  8. NIN

3. Research: You’re applying for the same funding as millions of other Nigerians, ensure you do your research to know what the current demand in the petroleum industry is and how you can position your personal statement or statement of purpose to suit the current industry needs. Your research should also cover your thesis interest and how it will benefit the oil and gas industry in Nigeria.

4. Write Publications: If you still have time on your side, work on 1 or 2 publications, a lot of recipients have confirmed that publications improve your chances of winning the PTDF scholarship. If you don’t have any publications, you can learn how to write and publish a journal with ease here.

5. Compile Your Documents: Personal documents, academic documents, awards, publications etc, compile them and wait for when the portal will be open for application.

How to win PTDF Scholarship: Application Process

  1. Submit your best O’level result: Your O’level result is important and has marks allotted to it, hence, ensure that you put your best foot forward by submitting your result with the best grades.
  2. Include research publications: Include your research publications both in your statement of purpose and as the document attached during your application. You can also go ahead to print and go along with them during your interview.
  3. Add professional, academic or volunteer awards before applying: These documents are important because they have marks too and every mark matters, so, if you have them, make them available and apply with them.
  4. Submit a convincing statement of purpose: A statement of purpose is a letter that helps you express your interest, and motivation for a course. Through your statement of purpose, the reader wants to see, what you wish to achieve with the scholarship, how the scholarship will benefit you and your country. Also, state the things you’ve done in the past to prepare you for this scholarship. Why are you a suitable candidate for this scholarship? This is also where you answer that question. If you need assistance reviewing your written statement of purpose, you can contact us today.
  5.  Complete your application
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How to win PTDF Scholarship: Before Application: Interview Process

The interview process is very important and it can either make or mar all your efforts from the on-set. You have to prepare for this like you would a job interview. You can learn how to smash every interview using the star techniques discussed here. Some takeaways for your PTDF scholarship interview:

  • Treat the interview process as a serious involvement
  • Prepare for it the best way you can and ensure to invite friends to do a mock interview for you.
  • Go with all the requested documents for your interview.
  • Arrive on time
  • Avoid nervousness during your interview

Relevant Information and FAQ

What are the PTDF Partner Countries for 2024/2025 Admission Window?

PTDF sponsors qualified candidates to pursue MSc or PhD programmes in selected universities in

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. Malaysia

Is PTDF Scholarship Fully Funded?

Yes, the PTDF is a fully-funded scholarship by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

How Much is PTDF Undergraduate Scholarship Worth?

The worth of the PTDF scholarship varies based on your school and country. Because of the unique nature of the scholarship; since it works with different countries and universities, there’s no benchmark amount for the scholarship. However, you are rest assured that the Federal Government of Nigeria will cater for you all through your study.

What Does PTDF Scholarship Cover?

The PTDF scholarship covers your tuition, flight fees, health insurance as well as provide allowances to cater for your living expenses. The amount of money given for your living expense also varies based on country and city of school. But, most importantly, the government will take care of you through your study period.

How to Contact PTDF Help Desk?

Here are the contact details for PTDF help desk and they can be reached through other mediums, weekdays (Monday – Friday) from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

  • WhatsApp (Chat Only): +234 809 250 0008
  • Call Enquiry: +234 809 250 0006, +234 809 250 0007

How to Write a Personal Statement for PTDF Scholarship

If you want guidance on how to write your personal statement for PTDF scholarship, feel free to check this article that explains the process of writing a personal statement for PTDF scholarship or you can contact us to assist you review your application personal statement.

How We Can Help You in Your Scholarship Application

To be successful in your PTDF application, you have to put some key things in place. One of the ways we have helped you is putting this article together to educate and prepare you ahead. You can also check the interview we had with successful applicants on our YouTube channel to get more insight (please show us some support and subscribe to our channel).

If you need assistance putting your CV and Personal Statement together, then you can definitely contact us to assist you. More so, we can help you get it right in your interview, if you need a mock interview session before you meet the panel, please feel free to contact us.


We are not affiliated to PTDF or any government agency. We do not guarantee anyone scholarship in any way. All we are doing is based on research. Any service we render to any prospective applicant is purely based on the general knowledge gathered from people’s experience, researching about the scholarship and other similar scholarships.

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