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In this piece; we’ll show you what to consider when you are having thoughts of quitting your job, and how to quit your job.

It is easy to assume that the grass is greener on the other side. Hence, many people have made the hasty decision of quitting their job only to realize it was the wrong move.

Every chess master knows that just because a move is logical doesn’t mean it is the right one. Our goal with this piece is to show you how to prepare to quit your job. We will help you to; define your intentions, your current reality, your available options and the resources you can explore before quitting your job.

Truth be told if wishes were horses even the blind man would drive himself across town. A life-defining decision such as making a job switch must never be undertaken based on a mere hunch. You need to get your facts right.

As the unemployment rate continues to soar, we don’t want you to join the number. More importantly, we don’t want you to join the fold people who are neither happy nor satisfied with their job. We put together this 6 tips on how to prepare to quit your job to help you decide if you should make a job switch, and how you should go about it if you decide to.

Tip 1: Undertake a Critical Self-Awareness Assessment

In our experience, many quit their dream job, based on assumptions that their job is their problem. An example is a middle-aged lady who experienced a tough divorce , and quit her job three (3) months after. She assumed that her job was the reason for her divorce, and was stealing her happiness. This is true for some, but it was not the case for her.

Look, if you are feeling overwhelmed at work, it might be time to ask for a vacation. Treat yourself to that getaway for the weekend just to clear your head and see things clearer. Stress can make black look blue. Like every other employee, you are constantly trying to meet targets and exceed expectations. If you take some time off, you may realize that rest was all you needed not a job switch.

If you feel you have a lot bottled in, consider going for therapy. There are online options you can explore to gain much-needed clarity. . If your mind remains unchanged after this process, then it may just be obvious that you need a job switch.

Tip 2: Make a List of Your Expectations

You’ll be working for an average of 8 hours, 5 to 6 days a week for the next 30-35 years; it’ll be unfortunate if you find yourself in an environment that you don’t like.

Before you quit your job, take some timeout to reflect. Think of the things you didn’t like in your current employment and the things you expect to be different in your next employment. Do you have a salary expectation? Are you looking out for a company with transparent management? Is there a particular expectation you have concerning healthcare and employee welfare? List them all out, and be specific about your expectations.

E.g.: A specific expectation for your salary will look like this;

 I want to work in a mid-level position that will pay me a salary of =N=250,000 – =N=350,000 monthly.


I want a good-paying job.

Tip 3: Write a List of Companies You Will Like to Work For

From the list of expectations you wrote, make a list of the companies that meet your expectations; you can check our list of 100 best companies to work within Nigeria to gather ideas. 

When you have made your bucket list of the companies you would like to work for; go to LinkedIn, search for those companies. Select “people” and you’ll see people that work or are associated with the company. Send those people (especially the Human Resource Personnel) a connection request.

Once you are connected, here’s what you’ll do;

  • Create a rapport with 1 or 2 of them. Introduce yourself; tell them where you are connecting from, and that you’ll love to be an acquaintance on LinkedIn. Be open but professional about your approach, if they ask you questions, ensure you give sincere answers.
  • Feel free to ask them professional questions, about the company they are working for; their work requirements, if there’s any vacancy or ongoing recruitment, etc. If you are professional enough and not overreaching, you will get positive answers to your questions, but don’t be overreaching.
  • Finally, pay attention to their posts. What they’ll tell you or post on their status will help you gain insight into how the company is run. You’ll also learn the standard of professionalism they demand from their staff. This will help you prepare mentally and physically.

Tip 4: Review/Rewrite Your CV

The next tip on “how to prepare to quit your job”, is obvious and expected advise. Review your CV and rewrite it in preparation for your next move.

For you to make your next move, you need to understand which CV format to use. The CV format for switching industries is different from the one to stay in the same industry. Find out more about it here. Alternatively, you can hire Fasthire Nigeria, to review, and rewrite your CV. Our professional CV writers will give you a CV that will foster your career advancement.

Tip 5: Search for Jobs in the Right Places

Don’t let your desperation for a new job drive you to the wrong places. Con artists thrive on people’s greed and desperation. You are about making a bold move, don’t add monetary loss to the cart.

Beware of fake recruiters, they are on the rise. Many have lost both their previous employment and huge sums of money to the activities of these hoodlums. The job board industry like every other industry is not devoid of fraudsters.

Our service offerings at Fasthire Nigeria are founded on integrity, and honesty. Our team of young, and dedicated professionals works round the clock to provide you the best help available. The jobs advertised on our website are suitable entry-level, and mid-level job opportunities, that are thoroughly vetted.

Tip 6: Define your next start before quitting

Your intentions are noble: you may be right but we strongly advise you to clearly define your next move. Define the values you want to receive from a company you are working for before quitting. The pain and disappointment of being out of a job might be worse than what you currently feel.

Even if your proposed job switch is to your dream job; it is best to wait till you receive the offer from your dream company before quitting your current job.

Are you familiar with the Nigerian parlance – stories that touch the heart? In other words, we are trying to help you avoid that. Be sure you are not getting ahead of yourself; a company is planning to make you an offer is different when they have made you an offer.

To secure your dream job,put forward a winning CV, prepare for the interview – telephone interview or any other suitable channel. Our professional services can help you with these services,. and you don’t have to break a bank.

Fire your boss but don’t be a fool about it, especially if you are planning to land another job. The decision to switch jobs is a serious one; with the six tips shared in this post you are better equipped against making the wrong move. We would be happy to offer you our professional services. Cheers to your success!

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