How to Job Hunt Without Lying to Attend Interviews

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Discover 3 ways to job hunt without lying to attend interviews.

If you are hunting for a job while still employed, you are faced with the same challenge every employee faces; how to hunt for jobs and keep your intentions confidential. You want to ensure that you don’t jeopardize your current employment with your job search.

Most times, employees approach this process by making up good excuses or lying anytime they have interviews to attend. But you’ll learn a different approach (how to job hunt without lying to attend interviews) today.

Without much ado, let us begin…

Job Hunt Without Lying to Attend Interviews : Overview

1.      Open up to your employer about your job hunt.

2.      Plan your leave to fall in the period of your job hunting.

3.      Hunt for a job and send a message via your job search document when your interviews/tests should fall in.

Note: No option is perfect because they all have their downside; the most important thing is to use the option that works best for you.

1. Open Up

Talk to your boss about your intentions of searching for a new job. Ensure you approach this with wisdom and let him/her know that your work won’t suffer as a result of your search.

This can work when you have a good rapport with your employer. More so, some employers know that there’s a limit to the career advancement that their organization can provide at the moment. Hence, they won’t take it to heart when you tell them that you plan on leaving.

The person you confide in doesn’t have to be the Manager or CEO of the company, it could be your direct Team Lead. Someone who can understand and cover up for you when you have interviews or tests to attend.

The Downside of doing this:

There are a few downsides to this option that I can of. But, the most obvious one is that; the company may start looking for your replacement. This means you’ll be relieved of your duties even before you secure the new job if they find your replacement.

2. Plan Your Leave to Fall in The Period of Your Job Hunting

Depending on the nature of your job/industry, you can pause your job hunting until you take your annual leave. A few weeks before your leave is also fine, that way, you’ll have the time for an interview invitation or test.

The Downside of doing this:

  • You may not have ample time to reach out to the companies you want to reach out to.
  • There’s no guarantee that there’ll be a suitable job vacancy during your leave.
  • This approach is suitable for professionals who have gained a certain level of expertise.
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3. Personalize Your Interview.

The third way you can job hunt without lying to attend interviews is by including a personal line of message in your job search document (CV and/or Cover Letter).  I’ll show you how to do that shortly.

The personal line of the message will state either of the following;

  • That you would appreciate your application to remain confidential and the interview date communicated to you weeks before the day so that you can plan for it.
  • That you would prefer to keep your interview date on your non-working day.

Examples of How to Attempt to Personalize Your Interview (cover letters):

Example 1: How to Request or a Personalized Interview

Example 2: How to Request for a Personalized Interview

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I Tell My Boss That I am Looking for Job Elsewhere?

If you have a good rapport with your employer, it’s okay to let them know that you wish to pursue more responsibilities elsewhere.

While some employers don’t have any issue with you wanting to pursue a career elsewhere, some others won’t be comfortable with the arrangement.

In summary: It’s your personal decision to tell your boss that you’re going for an interview.

2. Do employers have to let you go for interviews?

Employers are not obligated to let you leave work to attend an interview, and it’s not their right to stop you from searching for jobs elsewhere.

Therefore, it’s okay to job hunt but not to the detriment of your job, If your office rules are so strict that you can’t use our safe methods above to job hunt without lying to attend interviews, then you are left with no other option but to quit your job and face your job search fully.

3. How do you keep your job discrete?

  • Plan your leave to fall in the period of your job hunting.
  • Hunt for jobs and make excuses to attend interviews.
  • Hunt for a job and send a message via your job search document when your interviews/tests should fall in.

4. Should I call in sick to attend a job interview?

Understand that you can only use sickness as an excuse to miss work when you are truly sick. Using sick calls and it’s discovered that you weren’t sick is against work ethics and could come with penalties. Some employers go as far as asking for your medical statement when you return from sick leave.

So ensure you can provide proofs for your sick calls either in appearance or in documents.

5. What are examples of good excuses to leave work and attend an interview?

If you are finding it difficult to tell your employer what you are really up to, and your job doesn’t provide you a leave period; you can come up with believable excuses to miss work or leave work in the middle of the day to attend to an interview.

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Good Excuses to Leave Work and Attend an Interview

  • Family emergency.
  • An appointment with the Doctor.
  • A dental appointment.
  • A follow-up appointment.
  • You need to drive your mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandmother, and grandfather to the Airport.
  • You have a home emergency.
  • Appointment with a vet Doctor.
  • Request to work from home (because you are feeling sick).
  • Request that your lunch break be extended?         
  • You have an illness or injured yourself.
  • One of your relative’s child is sick.
  • External meeting away from the office.                                                        
  • You are going for an interview.
For more ideas on excuses that you can make to attend a job interview from work, read this post.

I hope this was helpful? Do you have comments or questions on how to job hunt without lying to attend interview? Please let us know in the comment section.

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