How To Introduce Yourself During an Interview

an employer and an employee sitting during an interview

Do you know how to introduce yourself during an interview? It will interest you to know the percentage of people who don’t.  

According to a survey by LinkedIn in 2020, 57% of professionals reported feeling nervous or uncomfortable introducing themselves in a professional setting. Also, another survey which was done by CareerBuilder found that 38% of employers reported that candidates lacked self-confidence during job interviews. This list of potential candidates who lack self-confidence, jeopardizing their chances of getting their dream job is endless.

However, we have written this article for you to explain how you can introduce yourself during an interview. Also, we have an embedded video for more visual learning. By simply reading through this article and watching our video, you will be self-confident and know how to introduce yourself during an interview.

Expert Tips For Before, During, and After an Interview

The following are tips that will make you appear self-confident and ace your job interview.

1. Start with a firm handshake and/or a smile

2. Ensure to make eye contact with the interviewer

3. Do not shout too much or whisper, speak boldly for them to hear you

4. Prepare very well before the interview

5. Dress to impress. Avoid wearing unofficial clothes

6. Keep your introduction  as concise as possible, between 30 seconds to 1 minute

7. End with a lasting impression.

8. Show professionalism in your speech and manner.

How To Introduce Yourself During An Interview

Let us now see how we can make an introduction during an interview. 

1. Greet the Interviewer (s)

The first few minutes of meeting with the hiring manager or recruiter are of utmost importance. Make a good first impression by greeting them with a handshake and a smile. Demonstrate some level of professionalism through this approach.

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2. Start With Your Name

When you are asked to introduce yourself, start with your full name. Tell them your full name and not nicknames etc. You can go on to add other relevant personal information but ensure you are not sharing too much information.

3. Educational Background

To stand out among other candidates, mention your course of study, the name of your institution, and major achievements or accomplishments you had while studying.

4. Professional Experience

Give a background story of your previous work life, if you have. This will give the interviewer a glimpse of where you are coming from and see if you are the best candidate for the job. Also, do not overshare some information so that it doesn’t affect you in the future in case they hire you.

5. Interests/hobbies

What are you passionate about? Mention the things you like to do that are relevant to the job role. You can go over a few. Mention your key strengths and skills too.

6. Recap

Remember the essence is to make a good lasting impression so now that you have started with a good impression, also end with a good impression. Quickly recap some of the things already mentioned here and end with a polite and inviting tone.


Interviews are one of the stages of your job hunting process and by keeping yourself abreast with the probable questions, dressing properly, and speaking confidently, you will be able to secure the job. This video and article will serve as a guide on how to introduce yourself during an interview. 

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