How To Get a PwC Job in Nigeria (+ Interview Past Questions)

How To Get a PwC Job in Nigeria
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How to get a PwC job in Nigeria is one of the challenges that young graduates or experienced professionals face. Getting a job at PwC is the dream of many Nigerians. Being an international organization, it provides a different organizational structure and culture. The benefits offered at PwC is also attractive.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers, popularly known as PwC is an accounting firm. It was formed from a merger between Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand in 1998. This merger earned them a spot on the ‘Biggest Four’. This means that they have joined the four biggest multinational professional services networks.

PwC has their main focus in:

  • Assurance
  • Auditing
  • Consulting
  • Tax service
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PwC and Nigeria

PwC came to Nigeria in the year 1953 and has since been in operation. They are among the top leading organizations in the accounting world in Africa. They are also among the top leading organizations in charge of taxes in Nigeria and have their offices in various states in the country. These states are Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. They have over 1000 staff and 31 resident partners in the country.

Benefits of Working for PwC

PwC prides itself in treating its staff well and the benefits offered to their staff is a clear reflection of that. Some of these benefits are:

  • Health insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Family support
  • Enrollment into the pension scheme of the company
  • Etc

Recruitment at PwC

PwC recruits both graduates and experts in the field. They recruit based on the need for workers and for the position for which they wish to recruit. There are a variety of job roles available ranging from accounting jobs to technology-based jobs.

Stages of Recruitment Process

There are 3 stages of the recruitment process at PwC. They are:

  • Online assessment
  • Telephone interview
  • Technical interview

Online Assessment

This general stage is for anyone who passes through the CV vetting stage. This entails a series of test questions that the applicant has to answer. Before you get to this stage, you must have applied for the job position advertised for. Your application and CV are then checked to determine if you are a good fit by the recruitment team at PwC.

If you are a good fit, then a date and time of a scheduled test will be communicated. The link to the test site will be sent to you and the time duration is given to you.

This stage tests your aptitude and personality. Personality is determined by a series of psychometric tests which determine your kind of person. It also determines if you have the right personality for the culture that exists at PwC. An example of this test is the situational judgment test.

Aptitude is determined by a series of tests like verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, numerical reasoning, etc. This determines how intelligent you are and your likelihood of performing well at PwC.

Telephone Interview

After scaling through with the online assessment, a phone interview is the next. This interview focuses mainly on your CV. Talking to you is also a means of assessing your personality and your approach to answering questions. Being a CV-based interview, be with it during the call for easy reference when asked a question.

A tip to keep in mind: while they are not seeing you, it is best to respond as formally as possible. It could have a bit of non-formal questions and responses but maintain a general air of formality. Remember, you are still under assessment.

Technical Interview

This is a face-to-face meet-up with your interviewers. You have to go as prepared as possible. Dress neatly. Go with your CV. Prepare very well for the likely questions that may come up. Research on the company and go armed with the knowledge. Research also on the role you are applying for and your possible duties. Be courteous. When asked a question you do not understand, ask for clarification.

Likely questions to be asked are:

  • Describe a scenario where you were a leader
  • How best can you communicate with an angry customer?
  • What makes you different from the other applicants?
  • How well do you work with other people?

How to get a PwC Job in Nigeria

Step 1: Check company website or job sites for jobs

The first step is going to the company’s website or other job sites to check for jobs posted by PwC. Starting the application process is next once the job has been posted.

Step 2: Preparing Application Documents

The second step is getting ready your CV and your cover letter. Remember that these two documents are the first impression of you that the recruiting team will get. How well you write them gives you an edge.

You should write your cover letter in line with the job requirements. Therefore, spend time reading the job advertisement.

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Step 3: Submitting your application

Now that you’ve gotten the documents needed for the application ready, the next step is to apply. Sometimes, the application could be in a Google document form to fill in your details. Other times, it could be to send your application documents to an email.

In the case of sending to an email, ensure that you do not send only the documents. Include a subject (usually the position you are applying for) and add a short write-up.

Step 4: Online Assessment

After submission, the recruitment team goes through it to determine if you are a good fit. If you are, then you are moved on to this step. Prepare ahead of time as an email will be sent to inform you of your scheduled test date.

Make use of past questions and get ready for the possible questions that could be asked on the assessment. There is usually a stipulated time for the test so write as fast as possible and also, accurately. Success in this step moves you to the next step.

Step 5: Phone Interview

Making it to this step means that you have scaled through the other steps. Research online for possible questions that you could be asked. This takes into account your non-verbal cues and personality. Questions are likely based on your CV and the knowledge of PwC. So be prepared.

The time and date for the call will be scheduled and communicated ahead of time to you. Therefore, clear your schedule, choose a conducive environment with minimal background noise and speak in a formal tone. Keep your CV close to you for reference when responding to a question asked.

If you need help putting together your CV and cover letter or either of them, contact a professional here.

Step 6: Technical Interview

This is a face-to-face interview. A location and time are usually communicated days ahead. Ensure that you are punctual, properly dressed, and armed with information about PwC. You have to communicate to them through every outlet possible that you are equal to the task.

PwC values communication so build a good rapport if possible. Where necessary or when prompted to, ask questions. You will get a clearer understanding of the organization from an insider’s view. It gives the interviewers an idea that you are interested in the organization.

Step 7: Employment Offer

At this point, you have scaled through the whole steps and have arrived at this point. Before signing the employment letter, ensure to read through every section in the contract. If anything is not clear to you, ask questions.

A good understanding of organizational rules and job expectations is important. That way you won’t run into issues working with the organization.

Step 8: Give Your Best and Enjoy Your Job

Interview Practice Questions

Follow this link to download PwC interview preparatory questions.


PwC is an international company and one of the biggest accounting firms in the world. Working with and for them guarantees you a lot of benefits and amongst that, growth. Securing a job in such a company is quite a competitive one, hence, the need for preparation. Do your homework and go the extra mile where necessary.

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