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How to get a job on
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As a multinational organization, Netflix operates in several countries with various job opportunities in several departments. Although, getting a job on Netflix can be competitive and challenging. However, it is not impossible to achieve, as there are several ways to get a job on Netflix.

Netflix is considered one of the best streaming media companies that operates in over 190 countries. Getting a job on Netflix offers good opportunities, fair compensation, and a conducive work environment. Netflix posts new job openings daily in a wide array of departments, and there are plenty of job opportunities at the company.

Netflix is a unique place to work, and getting a job at the company requires dedication, time, and effort. Also, Positions in design, engineering, analytics, communication, financial, managerial, marketing, administrative, research, or production roles are available. Therefore, This article is going to update you on the best tips on how to get a job on Netflix

How To Get a Job On Netflix

Below is a guide on tips on how to get a job on Netflix:

1. Visit Job Sites With Netflix Opportunities

One of the best ways to get a job on Netflix is to visit job sites with Netflix opportunities. Undoubtedly, there are several sites where you can easily find Netflix job opportunities.

When looking for Netflix job opportunities you can visit platforms like LinkedInGlassdoorIndeed, Facebook, Twitter, and other job platforms and active sites that post updates on job openings. Also, visit their job page to see an updated list of open roles, the profile of the hiring manager, and where each team works in the hiring department. 

However, If you are not sure how to start or have access, visit the website team page to see any team you can be part of. This will most likely give you more guidance on how to use the website.

 2. Have a Clue On What Netflix Is Looking For

Netflix looks for employees who are talented and cooperative, employees who care about what is best for the company and not just themselves or their team. The company is looking for employees who know and understand the core values and culture memo completely. 

Therefore, Try as much as possible to understand the language found in the culture memo and use it throughout your resume and cover letter to help you stand out. The company is always looking forward to employing individuals who will consistently deliver top-notch work. 

3. Have a Clue On The Necessity Of Applying For a Job At Netflix

Netflix may not want to know why you are applying for a job in their organization, but there are some basics that you need to do when applying for a position at Netflix. Examples are having a well-drafted cover letter, resume, references, and other relevant documents. 

However, some roles at Netflix do not require a degree. While, some roles within Netflix do require a certain level of education, especially a Bachelor’s degree. Netflix is not only interested in your technical skills, but they are also interested in your personal experience. Hence, you must research the organization before applying.

4. Required Qualification To Work At Netflix

Netflix is an innovative and highly respected company, but competitive to get a job. So yes, you need a bachelor’s degree to work at Netflix. With the right qualifications, Landing a job at Netflix will become possible, thereby increasing your chances and opportunities to advance.

Figuratively, all jobs at Netflix have a minimum requirement when it comes to education. Therefore, having a personal proficiency will help you stand out, and this will enable hiring managers to see you as a problem solver and decision maker,

5. Utilize The 5 Cs

Yes, getting a job at Netflix is challenging due to its competitive nature. Hiring managers at Netflix prefer to employ an individual with at least 3-years of previous experience and the company rarely hires fresh graduates, but it does offer internships. 

Hence, you must utilize the 5Cs of getting a job. You must show that you possess selflessness, courage, determination, curiosity, and technical proficiency. Most employees consult a career coach to help them prepare for the next job. If you can work with a team, commit to excellence, and have a high level of integrity you have a chance of being hired at Netflix.

Therefore, you must do a lot of preparation before your interview and equip yourself with the 5 Cs that will provide you with a good chance of getting employed. 

6. Check Out Reviews

To get a job on Netflix, you need information that can help you prepare for the interview session. On Glassdoor, there are a lot of Netflix positive reviews from the different individuals who work there. 

A review of Netflix by a former company director said that the company has a culture of honest, open communication and elaborates more about psychological safety. Netflix employees enjoy great benefits, from free Netflix streaming accounts and affordable healthcare coverage. Many past and current employees have enjoyed the work environment at Netflix due to its high-quality content and its ability to offer the best possible experience.

7. Customized Resume

Creating a customized resume is an important part of the job when you’re applying for a job at Netflix. So, try as much as possible to customize a professional resume. Customize a resume that entails your education, relevant proficiency, and work experience. If you want to get the job, make sure that your education and experience are correlating, and they should meet the requirements of the job position you are applying for. 

How to make your resume customizable:

  • Be brief, clear, and specific 
  • Match skills and keywords from the job listing 
  • Check the specific job listing of the position 
  • Be honest 
  • Write your job title clearly 
  • Qualify your achievement.

8. Consider a Netflix Internship

Considering internships is one way to get a job on Netflix. So, if you were not able to get a job at Netflix, another option that can help you secure a job at Netflix is by participating in their paid summer internship program. 

However, Netflix internships are a minimum of 12 weeks long, and they are paid an hourly wage of $40 per hour up to $110 per hour. Also, The Netflix summer internship that is usually available is for analytics engineers, machine learning, and software engineers. 

To be qualified for the Netflix internship program, participants must be pursuing degree programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. Most times, internships can lead to permanent Netflix employment. Internships offer first-hand experience working on actual problems with different Netflix departments. 

9. Learn About The Netflix Culture

Netflix has a great culture that anyone would love to learn about. Netflix company culture plays a key role in keeping a steady and comfortable working environment for its employees.

Also, you will not be facilitated at Netflix, but you will have to work hard to prove your worth in the company. Netflix encourages employees to speak up and share their opinions with them. These values foster a culture of creativity, openness, and collaboration. 

10. Know The Data-Driven Jobs Available At Netflix

Most big streaming companies make use of big data expertise to create content that is more accessible and engaging. This professional service helps the company streamline its content management process to meet up with specific targets. These professional services include data analytics, business analysts, and data scientists, these operations help the company to operate better than most other companies. 

Moreover, if you are interested in getting a data-driven job, there are lots of them available at Netflix companies. Such as senior analytics engineer, senior research scientist, senior software engineer, senior data engineer, and senior data scientist.


Getting a Job at a multinational company such as Netflix often requires putting in effort and determination. Hence, it is crucial that you learn more about Netflix and what the company stands for. This will most likely increase your chances of getting a job on Netflix.

Notwithstanding, this article has provided a guide on how to get a job on Netflix, and we hope it serves as a guide.

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