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One of the best things you can gift yourself as a job seeker is to join LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social networking platform that has helped several people secure jobs. Also, this social networking platform is a helpful tool that enables users to share and detail their interests with others.

LinkedIn is a platform for all. Whether you are looking for employers, employees, freelancers, or others, it is undoubtedly the best networking website that connects people across the globe. This social networking platform is available in over 200 countries, thereby, making it easier for job searchers to getjob opportunities easily.

Ideally, your LinkedIn profile serves as your resume; therefore, it is crucial that you provide up-to-date details on your skills, experiences, abilities, past projects, and others. Notwithstanding, this article will provide a guide on how to get a job on LinkedIn.

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How to Get a Job on LinkedIn

Below is a guide on how to get a job on LinkedIn:

1.      Become a Member of LinkedIn

One of the first steps to getting a job on LinkedIn is by becoming a member on LinkedIn. To become a member of LinkedIn, you need to visit the official LinkedIn website or download the app on the App Store or Google Play Store.

It is, however, advisable that you download the app for easy access. Once you download the app, you need to provide your details and create an account.

2.      Add a Summary to your Profile

Once you have successfully created an account, you should proceed to add a summary of some of your accomplishments. Also, you can include your aspirations, as well as information on your journey as a job seeker. 

Nonetheless, you should include relevant keywords that recruiters in your industry will find appealing. The summary in your profile can become your selling point if it is well-written.

3.      Include a Professional Profile Picture

Your picture on your LinkedIn profile is also proof that you are real. So, add a professional profile picture that will showcase you as a professional. Individuals with professional profile pictures have higher chances of getting a job faster than a profile without one.

Note that, profiles without a picture do not attract recruiters to check them out. However, avoid using group pictures or Snapchat filter pictures. But consider using a professional picture, graduation photo, or other easy yet professional picture.

Also, include a cover picture. If you have a work-related picture or photos that tell a short story about your skills, you consider adding them to your cover picture. 

Additionally, it is advisable to use a picture that you smile brightly and a picture that looks approachable.

4.      Consider LinkedIn Premium

For access to unlimited professional tools, consider LinkedIn Premium. The LinkedIn Premium offers users access to In-mails messages to help connect with others on LinkedIn.

It also offers advanced search filters, insights on who viewed your profile, access to LinkedIn learning courses, and many more. Through premium LinkedIn, you can connect directly with any other LinkedIn member. Note that the InMails allowed per person is three. But there is so much to explore from the LinkedIn premium.

5.      Build your Network and Connects

To get a job on LinkedIn you should consider building your network and connections. It is advisable that you connect with your recent and former colleagues, as well as individuals from your industry. Building connections involves being engaging with their articles, contents, and posts.

Also, you should consider networking with alumni. You can also connect with your email contacts. Nonetheless, consider uploading relevant articles that will help you gain more connections.

You can also make relevant contributions to collaborative articles. With this contribution, potential employers and recruiters may consider you for a position after reading them. It is, however, one way to sell your skills and abilities.

6.      Be Proactive 

One way to get a job on LinkedIn is by being proactive. This can be achieved by engaging in content posted on the platform. For instance, if a software company recruiting new employees posts an article, you can also react or leave a relevant comment. 

Also, you should follow recruitment agencies and company accounts. This will help you get notifications on their posts on new jobs. More so, by staying proactive, you will increase your chances of getting a new job than an inactive account.

7.      Create a Unique Profile Headline

One way to attract employers and recruiters is to create a unique profile headline. Your profile headline is one of the major things recruiters and employers see when they visit your page. Therefore, it is advisable that you create an outstanding profile headline.

To create a unique profile headline, you need to write in clear language, describing your professionalism in the best ways you can. Also, pinpoint and mention some of your high-value propositions, such as your goals, objectives, kills, niches, skills, abilities, and others.

It is advisable that you show your personality and creativity through your brand or niche. Also, include your website or external links that can help connect with others.

8.      Provide relevant details to the work experience and education section

On LinkedIn, you have the opportunity to add as much work experience as you want. The numbers you want to include depend on you. However, it is advisable that you avoid adding lengthy work experience especially, if you have a long work history. 

It is crucial that, you make your focus on your best accomplishments and work experience that matters to the industry you wish to seek a job.

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9.      Highlight Your Skills

There is a section on LinkedIn where you can easilyhighlight some of your best skills. Hence, you should consider highlighting your skills and objectives. However, ensure that they are relevant skills. This will most likely help you get the desired jobs.

Overall, it is vital that you get endorsements for your skills. This can be achieved by requesting your colleagues and recent or past employers to post a testimonial to your page. 

With this, your highlighted skills and abilities will gain recognition and credibility that will help potential employers find you trustworthy.

10. Find and Apply for Jobs

Once your profile is completely set, you should consider looking and applying for jobs on the platform. Note that, LinkedIn has a feature that enables job seekers to find jobs by inputting the job keyword. With this tool, you can look up several job keywords and apply easily or directly. Hence, to find jobs easily, consider using the LinkedIn job-search function.

11. Setup Job Notification

Searching for jobs can be tiring in most cases. Therefore, LinkedIn makes this process a lot easier by enabling users to set up job notifications. With the help of job notifications, you will get relevant and related job notifications through your email address occasionally.

With this feature, you do not have to be on the app always before you will gain access to an opportunity.

12. Follow and Reach Out to Recruiters and Active HR Personnel

Once you have applied to several companies, it is advisable that you follow the recruiting company for job seekers and HR personnel of the company. While this might not directly help you get the job, it will, however, help you prepare for the interview. 

Also, follow and reach out to HR personnel and recruiter by informing them of your interest in the position. Stay up to date on the company page for relevant details or even new job offers.

13. Join LinkedIn Groups

One way to get a job on LinkedIn is to consider joining groups that are related to your industry. Because, joining active groups will not only provide you with better insight into the industry. It will also enable you to gain access to individuals that will help your career.

Therefore, join a few LinkedIn groups and properly introduce yourself. Also, ensure that you are active but not too active. But use these groups to gain more networks and connections. Being active means asking relevant questions in the group or providing information that can help the group. 

14. Keep your Profile Up to Date

One way to get a job on LinkedIn is to keep your profile updated at all times. To keep your profile up to date means that you have a unique profile picture that is not too old. Also, include skills you recently acquired or make a few changes to your profile headlines. 

Being active in groups or posting articles and content will also help keep your profile up to date. In addition, you can also keep your profile up to date by sharing your insights on trending topics. 

15. Show Recruiters and Employers that you are Open to Work

To get a job on LinkedIn, it is advisable that you let recruiters and employers know that you are open to work and also available. Therefore, activate the #OpenToWork feature on your profile. 

Also, you can use phrases like “software developer ready to develop a game app that will make you millions” or other phases of your choice. This will most likely help you attract potential employers and recruiters.

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LinkedIn is one of the best networking social platforms that has helped several people get their dream jobs. You can also get your dream job today when you go through this guide carefully. We hope you find this article helpful.




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