How to Get a Job in Canada as a Nigeria Student 

How to Get a Job n Canada as a Nigerian Student
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Undoubtedly, working in Canada comes with several perks and benefits. Earning Canadian dollars will also help in sustaining your living expenses. However, getting a job in Canada as a Nigerian student can become a hassle if you do not have a clue on how to go about it. Nonetheless, it is not impossible to achieve. 

One great importance of having a job as a Nigeria student in Canada is that you will be able to have a consistent income. There are several unique paying jobs available in Canada for Nigerian students looking forward to working in Canada. Work conditions in Canada are also suitable for students who are interested in working in the country.

As a Nigerian student, getting a job in Canada will provide you with several benefits. Hence, this article will guide you on how to get a good job in Canada as a Nigerian student.

How to Get a Job in Canada as a Nigeria Student 

Below is a comprehensive guide on how to get a job in Canada as a Nigeria student:

1.       Create a Personalized Resume/CV

One way to get a job in Canada is to create a personalized resume. It is, however, crucial that you have a well-tailored resume that meets the qualifications and requirements of the job. 

In a scenario, where you do not have any working experience, consider including academic skills you have learned in your area of education. Or any volunteer entrepreneur work you have done and the skills you used to achieve success.

Your resume is your identity, so ensure you have your resume well arranged. Most companies often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to shortlist the number of applicants applying. So, therefore, study the requirements and skills required for the role.

2.       Check Your Eligibility

It is vital to check your eligibility when looking to secure a job in Canada as a Nigerian student. Therefore, consult with a consultant on your eligibility. Also, you must meet the language requirement (English or French) with proof that you will leave Canada once your work permit expires. 

Also, you may need to show proof of funds, get a health assessment, show that you are in good health, and have a clear criminal record.

3.       Search for Jobs

Getting a job in Canada as a Nigerian student requires you to hunt for jobs online. That is, you need to do more research on genuine jobs and find a good one for yourself.     

Online job boards are also useful resources, and you can also hunt for jobs in person by going to local shops. You can also visit establishments, such as retail stores, cafes, and restaurants, and ask if they’re hiring.

 If you are interested in working on campus, you can check your school’s job board or library, as they often update the list of campus positions or provide resources that can easily help you find a job. 

Also, there are various sites where you can look for jobs in Canada online. Most online sites will enable you to customize job notifications so that you can get notified when they post new positions. Some major platforms for jobsinclude 

4.       Consider Volunteering

One of the best ways to have work experience as a student in the country is to volunteer. Many non-profit organizations in Canada often look for volunteers. 

Normally, you do not need a work permit to volunteer, but there are always some exceptions. A volunteer position can compete with a job offer that someone might do in the labour market.  

It is necessary for you to do research and check the IRCC to make sure that you are following the right working principles. 

There might also be some volunteer positions on the campus for groups that help the community with issues like food insecurity and homelessness. These positions are often available for students who are interested in helping others.

The best aspect of volunteering is the fact that it will enable you to add something tangible to your resume. And in the long run, you will have better access to getting good jobs.

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5.       Networking

As a Nigerian student, networking will provide you with good connections and excellent networking opportunities through other students, extracurricular activities, professors, and student services or through various events/associations, as well as cultural activities, political activities, media, and sports. 

You can get good connections and job opportunities with the help of your colleagues and professors. You can also get jobs through networking around the campus if they are hiring. Also, your networks can inform you of any open position.

6.       Check the Condition of your Permit

As a Nigerian student looking to get a job in Canada, you must check the conditions of your work permit. Your type of permit will determine if you are eligible to work in the country.

Also, knowing the conditions of your study permit will help you know whether to accept employment on or off campus if you are eligible.

In some scenarios, your permit may allow you to work during your time in school or after completing school. So, check the conditions of your permit before applying for jobs.

7.       Open a Canadian Bank Account

Opening a Canadian bank account is very important for a Nigerian student who is looking forward to getting a job in Canada. Employers will ask for this information when they hire you. 

Most employers pay with e-checks or automatic deposits, which is why you need to have an active bank account. However, some banks offer special student accounts with low rates and fees for students. 

Also, having a bank account as a student can help you build credit and save, especially if you want to apply for a post graduate work permit (PGWP) and keep staying in the country.

8.       Focus On Your Education

If you plan on working while studying in the country, it is essential that you focus on your education as concentrating on your education while looking for a job is very important. However, once you get a job, you need to stay focused on your academic workload and classes and not get distracted by your work schedule. But the work/study condition in Canada is suitable.

The major condition of the study permit is keeping in positive standing with your academics, so it is best if you handle it as your priority for your future endeavors. Also, the study permit allows students to work up to 20 hours weekly. But your employer may understand that student’ schedules need corrections as their schoolwork increases, especially if you have talked about it earlier before even starting the job. 

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9.       Accredited Qualification

As a Nigerian student looking forward to getting a job in Canada, you must have an accredited certificate. There are several professional jobs in Canada that require you to get a degree from an accredited institution. 

It is crucial that you check if the job you are applying for requires qualification accreditation or not. To check if your qualification can be accepted, you can utilize websites that make World Education Assessment (WES). 

Additionally, as a Nigerian student, you must prove that your educational qualifications are valid and equal to Canadian standards especially if you are hunting for post-secondary education jobs. 

10.   Follow Up On Your Application

After applying for jobs, it is crucial to follow up on your application. Especially if you have gotten feedback from the organization, you should send an email for follow up. You have to show that you are still interested in this job. 

Always show gratitude and be very polite, doing this may pave the way for you. Additionally, email the companies to confirm your availability if you can attend the interview request physically or virtually.

11.   Live in Canada 

You can live, study, and work with a Canadian student visa. However, If you are in Nigeria and you are unable to get a job in Canada, you can consider taking the student route. This is one of the best and most reliable options for most Nigerians. Additionally, If you have issues with funds you can easily apply for a student loan to study in Canada. After getting a job, you can pay back the loan.

12.   Apply For a Social Insurance Number

For students to get a job in Canada (international or domestic citizens), they must apply for a social insurance number (SIN). Applying for a social insurance number can be done online through Employment and Social Development Canada.

If you fill in your e-mail address when you are applying for a social insurance number, you will immediately receive a confirmation email of your application being processed. When you apply for a social insurance number, it takes two weeks before you can receive the formal letter with your social insurance number. 

But while you are waiting to receive your social insurance number, you should be consistent with sending resumes and applying for jobs.


Working in Canada as a Nigerian student will provide you with several opportunities. However, you must be consistent with job searing and also meet up with the requirements of the job offers. That is why this article has provided a guide and tips on how to get a job in Canada as a Nigerian student. We hope it serves as a guide to you.

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