How to get a Job Editing Videos

How to Get a Job Editing Videos
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Undoubtedly, there are several ways of getting a video editing job anywhere, regardless of location. However, if you hope to pursue a career in video editing, there are some factors you need to consider before deciding to pursue your career in editing videos. 

Pursuing this career requires you to train in storytelling and video editing skills, earn specialized degrees, outstanding portfolio, and make good connections. 

If you are interested in digital media and filmmaking, it is crucial to consider becoming a professional Video Editor. Also, you need to consider improving your skills in attention to detail, computer literacy, and visual storytelling. 

A video editor is a post-production and arranger of video shots. These are people who compile recorded videos in a final product to publish them. Therefore, this article will provide you with a guide on getting editing video jobs.

How to Get a Job Editing Videos

Below is a guide on how to get a job editing videos:

1.       Apply For Assistant Editor Jobs Online

Note that, the easiest way to hunt for jobs is going online because, some editors are looking for more assistant editors local and remote, to help them with their projects in every location across different countries. 

Also, there are many online platforms where you can search for online assistant editor jobs that you can be able to meet up with their recruiters. Also get a job that suits you based on your location, experience, skill level, career path, and internet background. 

You will also have to keep networking. Through networking, you can meet potential people who can help you expand your knowledge and connection. 

There are some secure platforms and recruiting sites where you can search for legit editing video jobs, including,Facebook Groups, craigslist, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.

2.       Reach Out To Youtubers

Reaching out to YouTubers is another way of getting a video editing job. Reaching out to YouTubers to offer them your services is a good start to expanding your audience in video editing. This will also help you get your first paid gig. 

Sending a professional email to Potential clients, stating how you can help them and providing your contact details, is an easy way to express your editing services and workings with them to showcase some of your best skills.

Finding the best and active creators will help you find the work interesting. Turnaround periods are always tight, and the pay might not always be the best. However, that should not bother you. 

3.       Network at Film Festivals

If you are searching for a video editing job, it is worth it to consider networking at film festivals. Consider getting a ticket to a film festival that is related to the kind of work you would like to do and spend the whole time networking. 

Also, do not feel shy to put yourself out there and be very outspoken about what you do. Networking in person is more effective than networking online. Your personality and politeness do the necessary thing, and this cannot be done online or communicated through text. 

You can also reach out to your local workers union to ask them about any available recruiting opportunities or sought for any networking and meetings events that are available. 

Nonetheless, you will have to keep networking at first so you can have a lot of good potential contacts and connections and also stay busy. During the Covid pandemic, film festivals were forced to be held online. So, when restrictions eased, festivals were held both physically and virtual festivals. Therefore, you have the opportunity to network easily physically or online.

4.       Complete an Internship

If you are searching for a Video Editing job it is crucial to consider pursuing internships in different fields such as digital media production and broadcasting, marketing and commercial, TV, and film.

Regardless of the area you choose to pursue your internship, you can gain hands-on experience. Therefore, demonstrate your qualifications for a potential full-time position, and work with professionals. 

If you are lucky enough to get an internship as a video editor in a top organization, you will get the opportunity to showcase your skills, build good connections with your peers, and create a portfolio. 

5.       Get a Degree or Certification

Before searching for jobs to secure a good position in the Video editing industry, it is essential to get a degree or certificate first. Because earning a certificate or degree can help you improve the skills you need to succeed in your career. 

Some programs allow you to network with your peers who are also aspiring to become professional video editors. You can also get to relate with your instructors and professors who are professionals and still working in the industry or individuals with outstanding credit on their resume. This can help with future opportunities and also help you improve your skills in the field. 

If you are privileged enough to attend a program or school known for producing unique filmmakers or video editors that is great. Some schools display their successful alumni on their website, so you can also do research to find profitable programs that can help you. Hence, try earning a professional certification or degree. 

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6.       Move to a City with High Employment for Video Editors

Moving to a city with high employment will help your career as a video editor. It is a good idea to consider moving to a different location where there are job opportunities for you as a video editor. 

Therefore, move to a city where the digital media, TV, and film industries are mainly located. Some cities where these factors are considered include Austin, Los Angeles, New York City, and more. Although, these cities are in the United States precisely, they are popularly known for having unique video editing industries.

7.       Pick an Editing Specialty

Choose to specialize in a genre you enjoy most, either commercials, comedy TV and broadcast, sports and news, feature films, or documentaries. It is not a bad thing as a video editor to specialize in different aspects of your work, because it is helpful as an entry-level editor. 

However, Specializing in a genre of editing makes you very creative and professional in the field you choose to specialize in. It also helps you market your content very well, especially when you have a few years of work experience.

8.       Look For Freelance Roles

Considering a freelance video editor can help you develop your skills. Create a professional website or portfolio to promote your previous work or skills. Lay a unique foundation for yourself by creating the necessary infrastructure. Also, Consider high-quality software equipment that correlates with your work. 

9.       Build a Strong Work Ethic

Having a strong work ethic means avoiding plagiarism, copyright infringement, proper permission, and giving credit. Building a strong work ethic can help you achieve a positive reputation for yourself in the industry. Also, make sure to communicate with clients, peers, or employers to help others if you can, and ensure to consistently meet deadlines. 

10.   Have a Portfolio Site

You can choose to host your resume and video editing project on a portfolio site. Also, Ensure pairing your site with a professional networking site, consistent social media profiles, and a creative portfolio platform. 

This can easily enable legit employers to find you and your work profile online, especially if you are using a very active site or if the site uses SEO. 

11.   Become an Expert with Industry Software

Having a good experience in the video editing industry is crucial. This will help you get the knowledge of common video editing software which can help you find entry-level job positions. Becoming an expert in industry software can help you stand out from your competitors. Also, you will have a software development experience in the industry, such as an assistant editor role. 

12.   Become a Member of a Professional Organization

Joining a professional organization will help you gain access to training opportunities, networking        events, group job boards, and other relevant activities. With this, you will be aware if any organization is recruiting or hiring for employees.

13.   Join the Industry Forum Online

Make research on groups and public forums online that are relevant for people in the production industry. There are some online forums where you can easily find many job opportunities, role-specific job search tips, and training seminar events.


Ensure that when you are trying to do research online, try hoping on legit websites, because there are many scammers out there trying to extort money from people who are desperately searching for jobsonline.

This article has provided a short guide on how you can get a job as a video editor. There are various factors to consider when trying to hunt for a job as a video editor, and this article has listed the easiest ways to find a video editing job.




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