How to Get a Job Doing Voiceovers Without Experience 2024

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Doing voiceovers may be fun, but starting your career as a voiceover artist may prove difficult especially when you’re new. But, whatever be the case, this article will guide you on how to get a job doing voiceovers.

One beautiful thing about doing voiceovers is that; you may audition, record your voice, and complete voiceover projects from anywhere with simply a home studio setup and a talent profile on a voiceover marketplace like Voices.

Though it sounds simple, there are actually a few nuts that you must first crack to succeed in it. If you are asking what those nuts are, then you may have to read on to find out.

What Are The Skills Needed For Voiceovers

It is necessary to acquire a number of abilities in order to prosper in the voiceover industry. Here are some required skills you will need;

1. Vocal Range and Versatility

Voiceover success is dependent on your vocal range and versatility. Staying competitive in this ever-changing market requires the ability to alter your voice to numerous roles, genres, and emotions. You become more marketable and boost your chances of earning numerous voiceover gigs by widening your vocal range and mastering various vocal styles.

2. Language Proficiency

Another important quality of voiceovers is language proficiency. Fluency in several languages, accents, and dialects can greatly increase your prospective client base and offer up new career prospects. The ability to work on projects in multiple languages is a great advantage that sets you apart from other voice actors in an increasingly globalized market.

3. Technical Knowledge

Technical knowledge is vital for voice performers in today’s digital age. Setting up and managing a home recording studio, as well as editing and producing high-quality audio samples, are all part of this. For individuals working on commercial voiceovers, a solid understanding of recording equipment as well as audio recording and editing software is essential.

How to Get a Job Doing Voiceovers

1. Training

The number one step to getting a job doing voiceovers is training. You have to continually train your vocals to improve quality.

Taking classes to learn new techniques and delivery methods will also prove helpful.

2. Build a Portfolio

The next thing to do is create a portfolio. You can create a demo reel to showcase your vocal range and versatility. Include various styles such as commercials, narration, character voices, and as many others as you can.

3. Set Up a Home Studio

A quality home studio is very important as a voice-over artist looking to secure remote jobs. Invest in quality microphones, headphones, and recording software.

4. Join Online Platforms

Several platforms create the perfect opportunity to get voiceover jobs. All you need to do is create a profile with relevant details on these platforms to be able to apply for jobs.

5. Audition Regularly

Once on these platforms, always keep an eye on job postings and audition as frequently as you can. Auditioning increases your chances of getting a job as a voiceover artist. Even when you don’t get the job, each audition will have improved your skills and increased your visibility.

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Online Platforms to Get Voiceover Jobs

To get a job doing voiceovers you will need to check different platforms. Here are some places you can check out;

1. Filmless

Filmless employs freelance voice-over artists to record audio for video productions for clients ranging from huge corporations to small businesses. The platform is ideally suited for remote freelance artists with at least five years of expertise in a variety of voice-over topics. Filmless expects freelancers to complete projects in 24 hours, to edit and master their audio recordings, and to rerecord based on client suggestions.

2. allows voice-over artists to connect with clients looking for talent via free visitor accounts or paid subscriptions. Based on user profiles, the platform links talent with clients. It also provides a wealth of resources for help and guidance on the voice-over business, including writing and audio technology.

3. Snap Recordings

Snap Recordings specializes in commercial telephone system voice-over recordings such as welcomes, hold messaging, and call center recordings. Snap Recordings voice-over artists develop a profile that allows clients to search for the ideal sound to fit their demands. Snap Recordings handles money processing and simplifies sending a client script to the chosen talent.

4. Bunny Studio

Bunny Inc. is the parent business of Bunny Studio, a website for voice-over artists where they may build profiles and publish samples for clients to find and review. Bunny Studio Voice allows clients to search by project category, while voice-over artists specify their pricing and turnaround time for each project. There are no subscription costs, and every audition is compensated.

5. Bodalgo

Bodalgo meticulously examines new voice-over artists in order to hire the best candidates based on experience and talent. Bodalgo, a global casting service for freelance voice-over talent, started as a platform for German voice actors but quickly expanded to offer voice work in 80 languages. Bodalgo’s freelance work spans from small business clients to large-scale corporation projects.

6. Mandy

Mandy is a talent supplier headquartered in the United Kingdom that provides remote freelance voice-over work in many languages. Mandy offers free web hosting to voice performers who register on their website as voice-over talent. Despite the fact that the majority of the tasks are from the UK entertainment industry, Mandy has a diverse roster of projects ranging from animation to commercial work.

 Tips to Improve Voiceover Skills

  • As a voice performer, you must continually work on your voice in order to have the best chance of landing voice-over work. Nothing surpasses time spent reading aloud, even if it is only for 15 minutes per day. Take advantage of every opportunity.
  • ‘Listen’ as well. Look for voiceover performances (commercials, audiobooks, etc.) and pay close attention. What are they up to? Are you able to imitate or model? You’ll build your own style over time, but being aware of voiceover all around you and focusing on growing your ears with your mouth is crucial.
  • Remember that voice acting is ‘acting,’ so you’ll need to practice your acting talents as well! If you have no acting experience, it is recommended that you take acting classes. Developing your character voices might open up a whole new world of voice acting opportunities.


A combination of skill, dedication, and deliberate actions is required to break into the field of voiceovers. The path to earning voiceover gigs requires both creativity and effort, from improving your talents and creating a standout demo reel to networking and exploiting online channels. Remember that patience is essential and that embracing constant growth will not only improve your craft but will also raise your chances of earning that coveted voiceover job. So, speak up, be heard, and begin your thrilling adventure into the dynamic world of voiceover work.

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