How to Get a Job at Goldman Sachs 2024

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Goldman Sachs is a multinational investment bank and financial services company. Goldman Sachs is headquartered in Lower Manhattan in New York City, with regional headquarters in many international financial centers. As the second largest and most reputable investment bank in the world, getting a job at Goldman Sachs can be difficult with a rigorous application process.

Goldman Sachs offers a wide range of roles across various divisions, including investment banking, sales and trading, finance, wealth management, asset management, and more. Getting a job at this major financial firm, however, is not impossible because recommendations on how to get a job at Goldman Sachs will most likely help you secure the position.

Therefore, in this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the essential steps to help you secure a job successfully at Goldman Sachs.

How to Get a Job at Goldman Sachs

Below is a guide on how to get a job at Goldman Sachs:

Step 1: Research the Company Website or Job Sites for Job

The first step in getting a job at Goldman Sachs is by checking the company’s website or job sites for job openings posted by Goldman Sachs. However, do not limit your job search to local job portals. But if you want to work for a multinational firm like Goldman Sachs, platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed are excellent starting points. It is crucial that you broaden your horizons to find more job opportunities at Goldman Sachs.

Step 2: Qualifications

Secondly, you have to be sufficiently qualified to work at Goldman Sachs. Getting a job at Goldman Sachs is not impossible, but it requires a strong educational background. 

Goldman Sachs is a prestigious, multinational investment bank and financial services company. So the company is expected to hire the most impressive candidates with the right educational background, training, and certifications.

Step 3: Preparing Application Documents 

The next step is getting your resume and cover letter ready. Your Resume and cover letter hold more power than you can think of. Other than general information, your resume and cover letter reflect your candidature to a significant level. 

Therefore, developing a professional resume and cover letter that highlights your skills and education can help you attract a hiring manager. It is necessary to have these two documents perfectly written because they can portray you as a professional fit for a job at Goldman Sachs. And if your resume and cover letter are successful in showcasing that, then the purpose is served.

Step 4: Connect With Goldman Sachs 

To get a job at Golden Sachs, it is crucial that you register at Goldman Sachs events to sign up for either the virtual or in-person events. They include information sessions, skill-building workshops, panel discussions, conferences, networking events, and more. 

If you are not able to attend the in-person sessions/events, do not worry. Goldman Sachs offers a range of opportunities to learn about the firm online and via virtual events. 

Step 5: Prepare for the Hackerrank Assessment 

Candidates applying for an engineering role at Goldman Sachs will be asked to complete an assessment on HackerRank. This assessment is an opportunity to showcase your technical skills and gain some insights into the types of problems you can solve at Goldman Sachs. 

HackerRank is a coding-based technical skills and assessment platform. It is one of the many tools used by Goldman Sachs to assess candidates for roles within engineering. As part of the application process, all applicants will get to choose which technical assessment they would like to complete as part of the interview process. You can choose from a programming, maths, or programming and maths assessment. 

Tips To Prepare For Hackerrank

  • Familiarize yourself with the HackerRank platform by taking a sample test
  • If you choose the math assessment, you should refresh your knowledge of calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and probability concepts
  • If you choose to take the programming assessment, then it is recommended that you select the programming language you are most confident with and try to take some practice tests before the interview.

Step 6: Sit for an Interview

After following the above steps, submit your application, and if your application is selected, you’ll be asked to participate in a video interview which will take a total of 30 minutes to complete. You will have 30 seconds to prepare for each question and two minutes to answer. This video interview allows Goldman Sachs to compare and contrast candidates without delay.

The video interviewgenerally consists of several common behavioural questions, as well as a few that relate to the role you applied for.

Examples of interview questions include:

  • Why did you choose to apply at Goldman Sachs? 
  • What’s your greatest strength?
  • Which of your skills and experience make you suitable for this role?
  • Discuss a problem you faced in the past, how did you overcome it?
  • Why should we hire you?
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Tips for a Video Interview

  • Make Your Research

 It is crucial to have a good understanding of the company and role you’ve applied for. Spend a few hours to make a thorough research about the company’s values, mission, history, and culture. Not only will this information provide you with contexts for the interview conversations, but will also help you demonstrate how you would fit in with Goldman Sachs. 

  • Dress Appropriately

You should never overlook this, even if it’s only a video interview. Dress to look smart and professional. Wear attire similar to what you would wear when attending an in-person interview.

Extra 1: How to dress for an interview for men

Extra 2: How to dress for an interview for women

  • Check Your Environment

It is crucial that you find a quiet, distraction-free place to take the interview, test your technology before you begin, and position yourself the right way.

  • Pay Attention to your Body Language

Monitor your posture, show enthusiasm, make eye contact with the camera, avoid smiling too much, and speak slowly and clearly. That is the tip for successfully paying attention to your body language. 

  • Practice and Prepare

You can research and take practice questions before the video interview. This way you will be well prepared to give answers to certain questions. 

Step 7: Prepare For the Superday 

If you are selected after your HireVue interview, you’ll be invited to Goldman Sachs’ Superday. This is a day of in-person interviews at the Goldman Sachs location. Typically, two to five interviews are conducted over the course of the day, depending on the division you applied to. Each interview is likely to be with Goldman Sachs executives. 

Note that, the questions you will be asked during the interview depend on the position you applied to and the level of knowledge you can be expected to have based on your qualifications, and experience. Therefore, expect questions that assess your knowledge and understanding of Goldman Sachs, and the role you applied for, as well as investment banking and markets in general.

Tips for Success at Superday

  • Be prepared to describe your skills
  • Know the details on your CV perfectly
  • Do your research on the company and the role you applied for
  • Prepare your question to ask the interviewer 
  • Build rapport with the interviewer

Additional Tips on How to Get a Job at Goldman Sachs 

Securing a job at Goldman Sachs requires great planning and preparation. Here are some tips to help you stand out in the competitive hiring process:

1.       Self-Assessment

One way to get a job at Goldman Sachs is to understand your career goals and aspirations. Therefore, determine the specific field within Goldman Sachs that aligns with your skills, experience, and interests.

2.       Equip Yourself with Relevant Skills

Develop the necessary skills relevant to your desired role. For example, investment roles may require problem-solving, attention to detail, communication, and financial analysis skills.

3.       Networking

Attend career conferences and Goldman Sachs recruiting events to connect with recruiters and professionals in the field. You can also use your background to build networking by reconnecting with some of your friends who work at Goldman Sachs.

Major Degrees That Help To Get a Job At Goldman Sachs 

While Goldman Sachs hires professionals from various educational backgrounds, certain degrees are precious for specific roles within the field:

1.       Accounting and Finance

A degree in accounting, finance, or a related field is essential for Audit, sales, private banking finance, and risk management roles. Individuals with this degree will most likely have access to several job positions at Goldman Sachs.

2.       Information technology

IT degrees are essential for technology roles, including IT consulting, Cybersecurity, and Systems engineering. Individuals with this degree will most likely have access to several job positions at Goldman Sachs.

3.       Business Administration 

A degree in Business Administration is valuable for positions involving management and account administration. Persons with this degree will most likely have access to several job positions at Goldman Sachs.

What are the Benefits of Working at Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs prides itself in treating its employees well by offering several health and welfare benefits that vary depending on office location. 

These generally include Health insurance, Dental insurance, Life insurance, Disability insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance, Vision insurance, Health Savings accounts, financial education programs, and more.

What Is Recruitment At Goldman Sachs?

Goldman Sachs only Recruits the best. They recruit based on the needs of employees and for the position for which they wish to recruit. Each year, Goldman Sachs receives thousands of applications for a small number of positions, so your application, CV, and everything needs to be as competitive as possible if you want to succeed. It is also crucial that you prepare properly for the interview session.


As stated earlier, getting a job at Golden Sachs is not impossible. However, it is crucial that you prepare extensively. As an individual looking to get a jobat Goldman Sachs, we hope this article helps you prepare. 



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