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It’s a cloudy afternoon, and you are enjoying the weather as you take your time to surf the net, laughing at funny trends on twitter. Then, suddenly, your phone beeps, it’s an SMS, actually, it’s two SMS. Who dares disturb your happy time on the World Wide Web? You check your message box, the first SMS is from an unknown number, and the second is from your very good friend.

Imagine the scenario; which of the SMS will you attend to first?

If you are being truthful, you will most definitely want to know what your friend has sent to you before paying any attention to the strange number.

Why is that?

Well, an SMS from a known number makes you activate some level of familiarity, security, and credibility to the message. This is also the exact reason why you’ll pay more attention to a mail with an email signature (that tells you a bit more about the sender) than to a mail with just a random close.

The basics of email signature; its importance, what should be included in an email signature etc. are covered in this post.

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This post will teach you how to create an attractive email signature.

 Read on…

What Is The Purpose of a Signature?

Business partners, employers, and people in general always look out for professionalism and experience in people they are dealing with. Even when the experience is not a luxury for you, you could portray yourself as a professional worthy to gain experience while creating value.

  • Creating a good email signature is a good way to brand yourself or your business. This gives some level of security and trust to the company you’re applying for or hoping to do business with.
Email Signature of Marc Cendella- Founder of theladders

How to Create an Attractive Email Signature      

STEP 1:  Access a Word Document Sheet

Open a word document sheet (you could use Google docs, ms-word or any other word document software)

STEP 2:  Create a 2×3 Table

To do this, click the “Insert” toolbar and select “Table

Creating a word table

STEP 3: Insert Your Image

Click the “Insert” toolbar and select “Picture” Choose a picture you would like to use. Since it’s an official email, I’d advise you to use a cooperate picture.

Adding an Image

STEP 4:  Re-Shape the Signature Image

Re-shaping the picture is quite easy when you follow these steps;

  • Click on the image, (you will see some additional toolbar)
  • Select the “Format” toolbar
  • Choose “Picture Shape”(You can select any shape of your choice, but oval would look more professional).
  • You can add a picture border by clicking the “Format” toolbar and selecting “Picture Border” Pick any colour of your choice.
Reshaping your sigature image size
Reshaping your signature image size
Reshaping your sigature image size

Tip 1: What size should a signature image be?    

According to;

An email signature image should be:

  • Width- 300-400 pixels
  • Height – 70-100         

The signature banner should be:

  • Width- 700pixels (Maximum)
  • Height- 100 pixels (Maximum)

 STEP 5: Add the Necessary Information

When creating a professional email signature, certain information is essential in other to showcase your authority, professionalism, brand, your personality, etc.

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Here Are Some Things That You Can Include in Your Email Signature

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Position
  • Office address
  • Email
  • Address
  • Personal Photo
  • Logo
  • Your Real Signature
  • Links to social accounts
  • Certified Partnership
  • Legal Disclaimers
  • Links to your website or blog post etc.

When you’re done, you should have something like the image below:

Adding necessary information

Tip 2: What is the best font for signature in emails?

Best Font Styles:

  • Arial
  • Verdana
  • Georgia
  • Tahoma
  • Courier
  • Times New Roman
  • Trebuchet
  • Palatino
  • Lucida

STEP 6: Add a Hyperlink of Your Recent Activity, Business, or LinkedIn Profile.

Adding an external link to your email signature is essential for both reference purposes as well as showing your recipient what you are all about.

You can add a picture or text and then hyperlink to a URL landing on your website/blog/Social Platform. To do this, write the text you wish to hyperlink, highlight the text, and right-click. Select “Hyperlink” and input a URL.

Adding Hyperlinks

If you did it right, you should be seeing a clickable underlined text when you hover the mouse around the text. If you added an image as I did in the image above, the same step is required to turn it into a clickable link.

STEP 7:  Putting Some Finishing Touches

To make your e-signature more organized and professional, you could add lines (vertical and horizontal) to demarcate each section.  The image below shows a horizontal line demarcating the hyperlink text from the address, and a vertical line segmenting the signature picture from the information section.

Tip 3: How to Insert Lines (Vertical and Horizontal) in Email Signature

Follow these 3 steps from your word document;

  1. Click on the “Insert toolbar and select “Shapes
  2. Choose the line shape and adjust it to your taste.
  3. Change the colour of the line by clicking the “Formattoolbar and selecting “Theme Colour

STEP 8: Remove the Border Lines

The final step in creating your e-signature is removing the borderlines.

To do this, you can either change the borderline colour to white so it blends with the background or you remove it totally by highlighting the whole table; then proceed by clicking the “Design” toolbar and selecting “No Border” to turn it off.

Remove the Border Lines

When you are done, you should have an image like the one below.

Test Running Your Email Signature

STEP 9: Log into Your Email Account and Click the Setting Icon.

You should have a display on your screen like the image below. Note that the display may differ based on the browser used, but it’s pretty much the same content.

STEP 10: Adding Email Signature to Your Mail

Copy the Email Signature you just created from your word document into the signature space on your email workspace. Adjust the setting to allow you to send your signature the next time you send a mail.

STEP 11: Test Running

Now that you are finally done setting up your signature, you should test run it by sending a mail to yourself.

This test would ensure that everything is working as it ought to, and if there are any errors or further adjustments you need to make, you can fix them before you start using the email signature for official mails.

I hope you’ve grasped how to effectively create an attractive email signature?

Let’s do a recap of “How to Create an Attractive Email Signature”:

Step 1: Open your word document

Step 2: Create a 2×3 table

Step 3: Insert an Image

Step 4: Re-shape Image to your taste

Step 5: Add the necessary information

Step 6: Add hyperlinks

Step 7: Make the finishing touch

Step 8: Remove the borderlines

Step 9: Log-in into your email

Step 10: Add your signature

Step 11: Test run

Viola! You now have an attractive signature for your mail.

I hope this was helpful. If you have any questions or contributions, do well to comment talk to us in the comment section below. You can browse our platform for recent entry-level and mid-level careers in Nigeria.

Written by: Jeynuel Nnamdi

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