How Do You Answer “Tell me about yourself” in an Interview as a Fresher?

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After graduation from higher institutions, the next phase opens the job search episode which is accompanied by the anxiety phase of participating in interviews. According to an article by the PepleMatters blog, 66% of fresh graduates think they are not ready for the job market and interviews. More so, popular opinions suggest that questions like  “Tell me about yourself” keep freshers off their toes. 

However, as a fresh graduate, preparing for interviews by practicing responses to common interview questions is the best way to boost your performance. More so, practicing how to answer questions like “Tell me about yourself” or “What motivates you to work in this Increases your chances of answering interview questions confidently. Practicing how to answer tricky interview questions helps you overcome the anxiety that comes with Entry-level interviews. 

In this article, we will give you tips on how to answer interview questions with no experience as a fresher. We will also give you hints on how to answer “Tell me about yourself” for freshers in an Interview and also why interviewers ask this question.

Why Do  Interviewers Ask The Question Tell Me About Yourself For Freshers?

During your interview, this is most likely the first question you would be asked. The interviewer asks this question for several reasons, which are captured in the following points: 

  1. It serves as the Icebreaker: Interviewers ask the questions as a way to ease into the interview and make the candidate feel more comfortable.
  2. Evaluate Communication Skills: While you talk about who you are, the interviewer pays keen attention to your response, evaluating your communication skills. They want to know how well you can express yourself. 
  3. Conduct Background and Skills: The answers you provide will help the interviewer evaluate your background in terms of skills and experiences. This provides the yardstick on how to evaluate whether your qualifications align with the job requirements.
  4. Identify Career Aspirations: Interviews pay keen attention to the mentions of your highlights on career growth and aspirations to ensure they align with the company’s plan for growth opportunities. 
  5. Fit for the Role and Company: It helps the company determine whether you have what it takes to fill the role. Personality.

What Not to Say When Responding to “Tell Me About Yourself for Freshers”

While the intent of the question “Tell me about yourself” for freshers  is to understand your background, skills, and aspirations as earlier mentioned,  there are certain things interviewers prefer not to hear in your response:

  1. Irrelevant Personal Information: Do not share  personal details about your family, relationships, or non-professional activities as these are considered unprofessional and irrelevant to the question
  2. Rambling or Lack of Focus: Avoid sharing long and unfocused narratives with no clear direction. This can make the interviewer lose interest in the interview.
  3. Unrehearsed or Generic Response: Sharing a generic answer that doesn’t capture what makes you unique for the role you are interviewing for.
  4. Negative Self-Talk or Self-Doubt: Do not talk down on yourself or your insecurities. This is a quick way to tell the interviewer that you are a scaredy cat who can’t handle challenging situations. 
  5. Unrelated Achievements or Experiences
  6. Unrealistic or Exaggerated Claims
  7. Overly Casual or Informal Language

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How To Respond To ‘Tell Me About Yourself’?

To know how to respond to the question “Tell me about yourself” you should understand “The Why” behind the question. As discussed in the previous section, the question is an invitation for you to talk about your strengths, achievements, and qualifications. Also, your response should be well tailored to the job and maintain accurately the 3’T principle structure (The Past, The present, the future)

  • The Past: Talk about your background and relevant work experience
  • The Present: Talk about your current role, your top achievement 
  • The Future: Talk about your expectations, career goals, and aspirations.
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Tips to Guide Your Response when Answering the Question “Tell me about yourself”

  1. Be professional in your speech and tone 
  2. Keep your answers concise but professional 
  3. Practice different answers but do not try to memorize 
  4. Aim to say things that impress your boss during the interview. 
  5. Focus on work, academics, and personal achievements
  6. Ensure you have a list detailing your qualifications, educational awards, achievements, internship experience, and project works, if any.
  7. Work on your listening skills, this will help you know what to anticipate.
  8. Ensure the career, goals, and ambition you mention are tailored.
  9. Do not forget to end your response on a thoughtful and impactful note to emphasize your interest in working with the company.

Sample Answers To ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ For Freshers

Here are some sample answers for different professionals  to guide and help you plan your own response before your interview:

Sample Answer 1

Hi, thank you for having me. My name is Mildred Lee, a recent graduate from the University of Amsterdam with a B.S.C in Mechatronic Engineering. During my stay at the university, I delved deep into the theoretical underpinnings of mechatronics and gained valuable hands-on experience applying these principles in practical settings.

Throughout my academic journey, I have developed a solid foundation in core mechatronics concepts, including mechanical design, electrical engineering, programming, and control systems. 

Beyond my coursework, I was active, participating in different projects and competitions, which helped me apply theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. For instance, I played a key role in designing and building a robotic arm capable of manipulating objects with precision. This project honed my ability to collaborate effectively with team members, manage project timelines, and overcome technical hurdles.

I learned a lot of theories in subjects like corporate communication, international economics, corporate governance, and more. I was also part of the student government and maintained a GPA of 3.6.

While I may not have extensive industry experience, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with top techies in the field, work on dummy projects, and study lots of professional courses. I believe your company offers the best interface for professional growth and a global residue for innovation. I would like to contribute my knowledge and gain more hands-on experience with you.

Sample Answer 2

My name is Rachel Doing. I am an enthusiastic content creator. I just graduated from the University of Oxford with a master’s degree in Literature and COrrespondence. From A young age, I have always loved writing, but I became interested in chasing a career in that field sometime during my undergraduate studies. 

I have a deep understanding of best writing ethics and search engine optimization to improve website top performance. Also, I am an adamant researcher and explorer of digital marketing techniques which helps me stay informed with trends.

I have volunteered for several fintech and Web 3 brands where I wrote and published articles and newsletters across different platforms which improved our marketing output by 60%

Now I hope to have a long-term career in editorial while exploring the industry and contributing my skills to the growth of your company. I believe with my skills in keyword strategies and digital marketing, I can contribute positively to the growth and success of your team. Thank you and I look forward to many professional opportunities for growth with your company.

Sample Answer 3

Hi, I am Sarah. I hold an honorary degree from Clifford University in Nigeria where I studied international relations.

From my early childhood days, I have always admired the work of the men in the Press. I did a role-playing game where I featured the character of the presenter every single time. So, it was difficult for me to passion for communication and public relations 

My academic journey opened my eyes to a better understanding of global affairs, political dynamics, and the intricacies of effective communication. This knowledge, coupled with my natural ability to connect with people and engage audiences, has fueled my desire to make a meaningful impact in the field of public relations. 

I am eager to leverage my skills and passion to contribute to your company’s success and help shape the public image of your organization.”

Sample Answer 4

I am Salomi Portal, a results-driven and self-motivated business analyst with a first-class master’s degree in Business Administration. Upon graduating in 2022, I embarked on a 6-month internship with the international Crewx Technologies, where I collaborated with their data analytics and machine learning teams. 

During my internship, I gained valuable experience working with real-time data, conducting market analysis, and engaging in industry research, which deepened my understanding of practical applications in the business world. Additionally, I was introduced to the utilization of artificial intelligence in data sorting, organization, and analysis.

This internship solidified my interest in data analytics and machine learning, recognizing their potential for career growth and opportunities. Subsequently, I pursued further certification courses to expand my knowledge and expertise in these fields.

I have also volunteered for various Web 3 projects, including DeFi King X-plore, The DAO Chain, and OVR Blogster, further honing my analytical skills in the blockchain market sector.

When I came across the advertisement for this open role, I was immediately drawn to the opportunity and eager to apply. Here I am today, thrilled to be in this interview room. I am excited to contribute my skills and expertise to this project, gaining hands-on experience while further strengthening my capabilities.”

Conclusion on How to Answer Tell me About yourself for Freshers

When presented with the interview question “Tell me about yourself as a fresher, You should create a mental picture of what to say, and what examples to give how to present your ideas in the most professional way. First off, you must remember the 3’Ts rule. Connect, the past, to the present, and the Future. 

As discussed in this article, Do not bore your interviewer with irrelevant information such as your personal life stories and relations. Keep everything professional. Speak about your achievements, skills, and career goals. If you do all these and model some good answers as hinted in this article, you are surely going to scale your next interview even as a fresher. Good Luck!


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