30 Good Excuses to Make to Attend an Interview


Devising a means to attend job interviews is a major problem for employees. This post provides 30 good excuses to make to attend an interview.

This will come in handy to you if you wish to job hunt and not jeopardize your current employment.

You can use this list to come up with other believable excuses to miss work or leave work in the middle of the day to attend a job interview.

Here are 30 good excuses to make to attend an interview:

  1. I have a family emergency.
  2. I need a day off to handle some issues affecting my productivity.
  3. I have an appointment with the Doctor.
  4. I have a dental appointment.
  5. I have a follow-up appointment.
  6. I need to be home to let someone in.
  7. I have to drive my mother, father, uncle aunt, grandmother, and grandfather to the Airport.
  8. I have an emergency at home.
  9. Can I take my annual leave next week?
  10. l have an appointment with a vet Doctor.
  11. Please can I work from home I am feeling sick?
  12. I’m taking a couple of hours of personal time.
  13. I have an emergency ( car repair, home repair, or appliance repair) and have to wait for service.
  14. I want to attend to a sick child.
  15. I want to attend to a sick parent.
  16. I wish to attend a funeral.
  17. I want to go get a medical test.
  18. I just developed a migraine and need to go home.
  19. I have a business meeting.
  20. I have a personal business to settle with my landlord.
  21. I have an appointment with an attorney to get wills, set up a trust, advanced directives, etc.
  22. I have a financial planning appointment.
  23. Can my lunch break be extended?         
  24. Plan your Annual leave strategically.
  25. Try to be honest if you know your employer very well.
  26. I have an illness or I injured myself.
  27. I have conjunctivitis (pink eyes).
  28. I  have a stomach virus
  29. One of my relative’s children is sick.
  30. I have an external meeting away from the office.                                                                    

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It’s your personal decision to tell your boss that you’re going for an interview.

If you want to find out more good excuses to make to attend an interview and some not too good excuses, read this.
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Final Note:

The challenge with making excuses to attend a job interview is that;

  1. Most times your employers know when you are passively looking for a job elsewhere.
  2. They may pretend to buy your stories, but they really know what you are up to.
  3. You don’t have the liberty of lying for too long. What if the first interview fails, and you apply for another job, and you are called for the interview? How long will you continue making these excuses?
  4. If you take a medical leave, your employer has the right to ask for your medical certificate.

The best thing to do is to avoid making excuses in other to attend an interview.

Here’s what you can do instead of making excuses to attend an interview;

1.Open up to your employer about your job hunt.

2. Plan your leave to fall in the period of your job hunting.

3. Hunt for a job and send a message via your job search document when your interviews/tests should fall in.

This is usually not very easy, but it is achievable. We have covered in detail how to job hunt without having to lie to attend interviews. Find out the secret of job hunting like a pro in this blog post.

 Written By: Aanuoluwaposimi Ajayi

Was this article helpful? Do you have more questions on good excuses to make to attend an interview? What would you like to add to the points we’ve raised here? Let us know in the comment section! 

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