Best Global Business Management Courses in Canada 2024

Global Business Management Courses in Canada MSc & PGD 2022

Global Business Management is being studied by a lot of students every year, both at MSc and PGD levels, to be equipped with the skills to manage a business in this global world. The connectedness of the world today has made this program important for anyone who wishes to run or manage a business that they intend to operate globally or already operating globally.

If you are among those who are interested in managing a globally run business, then this article is for you. It explores what Global Business Management is, why you should study it in Canada, and the schools where you can study it.  Ensure you read to the end.

What is Global Business Management (GBM)?

Global Business Management is a program that explores and equips students with the skill and attitude to manage a business operating on a global level. It is a program that opens doors to different business careers. 

Why Study Global Business Management in Canada?

Canada is known for being open to receiving immigrants and employing them into their workforce. These open arms extend also to the business area. It implies that businesses are given the thriving ground to be birthed and fully operational in the Country. 

The implication for graduates of Global Business Management is that they have businesses to kick start their careers. It simply means that the climate to survive in business in the country is favorable.

Another reason to study in Canada is the standard of education in the country. Given the standards, business firms are sure of the quality of the graduates that they are employing. For individuals who would start their businesses, they are sure of acquiring the skills needed for a successful start-up and functioning of the business.

Global Business Management (MSc & PGD) Modules in Canada

The modules of Global Business Management vary by the title, however, they are all geared towards the same goal and the equipping of the same skills. For specific module titles, check the school’s course website. 

Some of the modules are:

  • Project management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting
  • Trade research and Market analysis
  • Management and Leadership
  • Operations management
  • Business communications
  • Global investment
  • Global Business Strategies
  • Asset Planning Management
  • Global Economics

5 Best Masters (MSc) in Global Business Management in Canada

  1. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria
  2. Royal Roads University
  3. University of Lethbridge
  4. Smith School of Business, Queen’s University
  5. HEC Montreal

Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria

Program: Master of Global Business (MGB) 

Fees: find the fees here


  • Mail address: the University of Victoria, Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, P.O. Box 1700 STN CSC Victoria BC V8W 2Y2, Canada
  • Phone: 1-250-472-4139
  • Fax: 1-250-721-6613
  • Email:

Royal Roads University

Program: Master of Global Management


  • Domestic: $27,300
  • International: $34,145


  • Location: 2005 Sooke Road Victoria, BC V9B 5Y2, Canada
  • Phone: 250.391.2511
  • Toll-free: 1.800.788.8028

University of Lethbridge

Program: International Management {MSc (Mgt)}

Fees: check here

Contact: the various contact options for the program can be found here.

Smith School of Business, Queen’s University

Program: Master of International Business

Fees: find out about the fees here.


  • Location: The Stephen J.R. Smith School of Business Goodes Hall, Queen’s University Kingston, Ontario, Canada, K7L 3N6
  • Toll-free: 1.888.393.2622
  • Fax: 613.533.2057
  • Email:

HEC Montreal

Program: MSc International Business, MSc Global Supply Chain Management

Fees: find out the fees here.


  • Cote-Sainte-Catherine Building: 3000 Cote-Sainte-Catherine Road Montreal (Quebec) Canada H3T 2A7
  • Decelles Building: 5255 Decelles Avenue Montreal (Quebec) Canada H3T 2B1
  • Phone: 514-340-6000

10 Best Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Global Business Management in Canada

  1. Centennial College
  2. Humber College
  3. Seneca College
  4. Conestoga College
  5. Sault College
  6. Mohawk College
  7. Loyalist College
  8. Fleming College
  9. Georgian ILAC 
  10. Niagara College

Centennial College

Program Length: 2 years/ 4 Semesters

Admission Requirements: degree or a 3-year college diploma in any discipline. Applicants who have a 2-year college diploma or a partial university degree(75% complete), and who have a minimum of two years of work experience relevant to the program are considered.

For international students, there is usually an English language proficiency test taken.


Humber College

Program Length: 2 years/ 4 Semesters

Work Placement: 320 hours in the 4th semester

Admission Requirements: 

  • Academic: a bachelor’s degree
  • English Language Proficiency: requirements
  • International Credit Evaluation: Canadian citizens or permanent residents with international education are required to provide a WES or ICAS evaluation.


Seneca College

Program Length: 2 Years

Program Availability: January. September, May

Admission Requirements: 

  • Ontario University or College degree or College diploma or equivalent
  • English Proficiency: check here


Conestoga College

Program Length: 1 year

Admission Requirements: 

  • A two or three-year diploma or a degree from an accredited college or university
  • English Proficiency: check here
  • Internet access and laptop (given by the school but included in the fees)


Sault College

Program Length: 2 years/ 4 Semesters

Admission Requirements:

  • Ontario College Diploma, Ontario College Advanced Diploma, Degree or equivalent
  • English Proficiency: TOEFL or IELTS or equivalent test


For more contact options, click here.

Mohawk College (International Only)

Program Length: 2 years

Admission Requirements:

  • Postsecondary college or University Diploma/Degree, preferably in a business program
  • Equivalent work experience in a business or financial setting will be considered on an individual basis
  • Your Device (Laptop)
  • English Proficiency: on the website


More contact information is found on the website.

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Loyalist College

Program Length: 2 years

Admission Requirements

  • A diploma or degree in any discipline from a recognized college or university equivalent
  • Work experience or other types of non-credentialed learning

Contact: for general inquiries

For more contact information, check here

Fleming College

Program Length: 2 years/ 4 semester

Admission Requirements

  • Undergraduate Degree or Ontario College Diploma in any discipline
  • Combination of education and relevant work experience is considered on an individual basis
  • PC/ Window

Contact: Sutherland Campus

Georgian ILAC Canada

Program Length: 2 years

Admission Requirements:

  • ILAC pathway 3.2 or IELTS 6.5 with no band less than 6.0
  • Post-secondary diploma or degree, or equivalent; education or experience in a business setting is desirable


Niagara College

Program Length: 1 year 

Program Availability: Winter (January), Spring (May), Fall (September)

Admission Requirements:

  • Post-secondary education transcripts and post-secondary studies; 2-year college diploma or a bachelor’s degree
  • Proof of English Proficiency


Job Opportunities After Global Business Management (MSc & PGD)

Global Business Management as mentioned earlier opens up a world of job opportunities for graduates in the world of business. Some of the job opportunities for graduates of Global Business Management are:

  1. Sales Manager
  2. Market Research Analyst
  3. Financial Analyst
  4. Business Advisor
  5. Business Analyst
  6. Logistician
  7. Human Resource Specialist
  8. Compensation and Benefit Analyst
  9. Business Consultant
  10. Insurance Underwriter
  11. Business Operations and Strategy Manager
  12. Global Business Management Professor/ Instructor
  13. Marketing Coordinator

Note: The list is not exhaustive.

Global Business Management Salary

527 salaries of Global Business managers were collected and the average was taken. The average salary was found to be $87,106 per year.

Conclusion: Global Business Management Courses in Canada (MSc & PGD)

Studying Global Business Management in Canada has an advantage. Canada, being a country that is open to immigrants and heavily invested in education, is sure to give you high quality of education. You are sure to get the training you paid for, and most importantly, the certificate is recognized everywhere. 

When you decide on the school to study GBM and you need assistance with writing your personal statement, you can contact us here and a professional will attend to you.

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