European Institute of Innovation and Technology Scholarship for International Students

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The European institute of innovation and technology scholarship was established on the grounds of promoting the transformation of ‌technology in Europe.

Founded since 2008,  several thousands of international students, entrepreneurs, business owners and researchers have benefited immensely from the program. You could be the next.

In this article, join us as we uncover the different categories of the EIT scholarship for international students, and everything you need to know to make your application.

About European Institute of Innovation and Technology Scholarship for International Students

The role of the European Institute of Innovative and technology program is to provide a training ground and environment that is conducive for disruptive innovation in Europe. 

This scholarship is centered on three key players in the world of Innovation; Education, business and research. The goal is to form a dynamic and inclusive participation among countries all over the world, with the tag; Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs). 

According to the official EIT website, there are currently working  nine Innovation Communities with each focusing  on a different societal challenge:

  1. EIT Climate-KIC: This section is concerned with climate change, renewable energy and sustainable development to accelerate the smooth transition to zero -carbon economy
  2. EIT Digital
  3. EIT Food
  4. EIT Health
  5. EIT Energy
  6. EIT Manufacturing
  7. EIT Raw Materials
  8. EIT Urban Mobility 
  9. EIT Culture & Creativity

The KIC comprises public -private partnership that aims at bringing leading universities, research institutes, and businesses to focus on innovative challenges with solutions based on creating;

  • Innovative products and services 
  • Create and establish dynamic companies and business

The EIT, in collaboration with several private and public universities, offers different scholarship opportunities to international students enrolled in one of its master’s programs in any of the KICs.

How I Won the EIT Scholarship

Benefits of the EIT Scholarship

The EIT scholarship offers the following benefits: 

  • Financial support – the scholarship is fully funded covering tuition fees, living expenses and travel cost.
  • Access to renounced educational facilities and world class education.
  • Entrepreneurship opportunities  – EIT scholarship recipients have the privilege of attending several entrepreneur programs and initiatives. Aimed with this knowledge, recipients can further develop personal business ideas after graduation.

Requirements for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Scholarship for International Students

Although the requirements for the EIT depend on the rules set by various KICs, to be eligible for the EIT scholarship, you must meet these general requirements;

  • Be a citizen of a non-EU country. Your country should be listed as a benefit of the scholarship. Check the official website for further confirmation. 
  • Meet the academic requirements of the specific master’s program you are applying for as stipulated in the application form.
  • Demonstrate a strong and convincing interest in innovation and technology. A well-written statement of purpose/ Letter of motivation will accomplish this for you.

Eligible Courses for European Institute of Innovation and Technology Scholarship

The European Institute of Innovation and Technology scholarship offers different courses which depend on the KICs specific degrees in fields related to innovation and entrepreneurship. More so, the eligible  courses for the program also depend  on the program (Master’s and PhD) and the funding source.

For a course to be eligible for the EIT scholarship, it must;

  • The course must be approved by the EIT knowledge and innovative community (KIC)
  • The course must align with the mission of  EIT, which is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in Europe in collaboration with prestigious countries over the world.

Eligible courses by KIC;

1. EIT Urban Mobility: 

Courses for Master’s:

  •  Sustainable Urban mobility transition
  • Smart mobility data Analytics Science 

Admission Requirements:

According to the official records on the ETI urban mobility website, the following requirements must be met;

  1. Admissions Criteria

To qualify for admission, applicants need to fulfill the admission requirements, which are to have a  complete and suitable bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of studies. The other requirements are:

  1. Bachelor’s degree

Candidates applying for a master’s degree program must have completed their bachelor’s degree, having a minimum of 180 ECTS credits 

  1. Conditional acceptance

In case you are yet to complete your studies or currently in your final year, you must submit a written statement from the degree administration office (or equivalent department).

  1. PhD Programme

You must present your degree certificate to your entry university before enrollment at the latest. For  longer technical programmes, an equivalent to an amount of 180 ECTS can be considered.

  1. Proof of English Language Efficiency;

All applicants must provide full proof of English efficiency of  TOEFL and the IELTS not less than 2 years. 

N/B according to the official site, an overall band score of at least 6.5, with no section lower than 6, is required”


The Participation fees per academic year for the EIT Urban Mobility master programmes are;

  • For non-EU applicants, citizens of non-EU/EEA country is £16.000 per year 
  • For EU applicants, citizens of an EU and EEA country is £4.000 per year 

Required Documents;

  • Degree Certificate/Diploma in its original language and translated into English 
  • With ongoing studies, a written statement certifying that you are in the final year of your studies is required. 
  • Official and stamped transcript of records in the original language and translated into English. 
  • Proof of English proficiency.
  • A well tailored academic CV 
  • A letter of motivation
  • An official ID, e.g. passport or National ID card (scanned in color)

2. EIT Climate-KIC

Eligible Course requirement – online learning/ ETI climate KIC-Alumni fellowship, view official website to access courses offered by partnered universities and other details.

Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

3. EIT Digital

The EIT Digital master’s school offers two two-year programmes which combine technical competencies with practical skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Eligible Courses:

  • Autonomous systems and intelligent robots 
  • Cloud and network infrastructures 
  • Cyber security
  • Data science
  • Embedded systems 
  • FinTech 
  • Human computer interaction and design

4. EIT Food courses

In this category, there are courses for students, consumers, professionals, and organizations.

The specific course offered in this subsection depends on the program each year. These courses are to increase applications competence in such areas as;

  • Food Systems
  • Data management
  • Technology management
  • Entrepreneur and communication

Kindly check the official website for more details. 

5. EIT Raw Materials

Master’s program 

  • Master’s in mineral exploration
  • Master’s in sustainable materials
  • International Master of Science in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resources Management
  • Master in Mining Engineering
  • Master in Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability
  • Master’s in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Technology Integration in Mining
  • Emerald Master in Resources Engineering (Innovative Education in Geo metallurgy and Circular Economy)
  • Master in Advanced Materials for Innovation and Sustainability
  • International Master Programme in Advanced Materials: Innovative Recycling

6. EIT manufacturing 

Master’s program:

  • People and Robots for Sustainable Work
  • Additive Manufacturing for Full Flexibility
  • Zero Defects Manufacturing for a Circular Economy
  • Platforms for Digitalized Value Network—Digital manufacturing technologies
  • Data Science and AI for a Competitive Manufacturing (providing one degree in engineering and one degree in ICT)

N/B you can apply for any two of your choice.

How to Pick Schools for the EIT Scholarship

As mentioned in this article, six KICs make up the EIT program. Before you choose any school, consider the following tips:

  1. Review your interest and career goals: Having a clear understanding of what you really want and what you wish to achieve with the scholarship will guide you in making the best choice. Once you have a clear view of what you want to achieve, you can now narrow down your search.
  2.  Research the EIT KICs: Each KICs have specific websites where you can begin your application. Visit the EIT to learn more about these KICs and get complete details about the available masters programs.
  3. Compare and contrast the EIT programs: It is important you do a deep comparison, if possible, check students testimonial or success stories to get more clues.
  4. Visit the official website after you’ve made your choice, confirm requirements, and begin your application.

Frequently Asked Questions on European Institute of Innovation and Technology Scholarship

1. What GPA Do You Need for an EIT Scholarship?

The CPA requirement for the EIT scholarship depends on the KIC to which you are applying. Altho, most KICs require a GPA of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. However, some others require more, depending on the specific choice, of course. Before proceeding to make your application, kindly confirm the standard GPA for your choice course to avoid refusal.

2. Does EIT Scholarship Cover a Flight Ticket?

The EIT scholarship covers the cost of an all-round trip from your hometown to the country where you will be studying. Also, the scholarship covers even the cost of transportation between the airport and your‌ university upon arrival.

3. Who Can Apply for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology Scholarship?

International students from a non-EU country who seek to pursue their masters in Europe with a strong desire for entrepreneurship and innovation.

4. Are European Institute of Innovation and Scholarship Scholars Allowed to Work?

As a scholarship recipient you can work, but there are certain restrictions as to the number of hours to work and the kind of job you must apply for. Some KICs allow scholars to work 20 hours weekly while others permit 30 hours. However, this depends on the rules surrounding a specific KIC.

Conclusion: European Institute of Innovation and Technology Scholarship

The European Institute of innovation and technology scholarship is very competitive due to the number of applications every year. However, if you can secure a spot, the exposure and opportunities gained in the process of study can transform your career. 

For a successful application, ensuring you have your documents right, a well written motivation letter and personal statement amongst others is a positive factor for success. 

Need help writing your letter of motivation? Contact Fasthire and a professional writer will be assigned to you. 

The EIT scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship, but it is worth applying for. The scholarship can help finance your studies and to gain the skills and experience that you need to succeed in your career.

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