Difference Between a Work Permit and a Canada Open Work Permit

difference between a work permit and a Canada Open work permit?

Majority of people frequently confuse work permits with Canada open work permits. A work permit and a Canadian open work permit appear to differ from one another. Applying for a work permit is one of the typical ways to get employment in Canada. With an open work permit, you can still work in Canada. We will give you in-depth explanations of the distinction between a work permit and a Canada open work permit in this article.

What is the Difference Between a Work Permit and a Canada Open Work Permit?

A work permit (also known as a closed work permit) is a permit issued to an individual outside Canada to work for a particular employer and for a specific job that is registered on the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). 

With a closed work permit, you can only work in Canada with the approval of your employer. 

However, an open work permit is quite the opposite. With an open work permit, you will have the opportunity/access to work for any employer at any job position of your choice, for the duration of time written on the document.

How can I Apply for an Open Work Visa?

You can easily apply for an open work visa in different ways. However, here is one of the common ways to apply are; 

An open work visa is simple to apply for in a number of ways. Nonetheless, the Canadian Youth Mobility Program has the following popular methods of application:

Canada’s Youth Mobility Program:

The Canada Youth Mobility Program is open to applicants between the ages of 18 and 35.

Through this programme, young people can obtain an open work permit that will allow them to work in Canada for any company for a maximum of one year.

Also, candidates can use the Canadian Experience Class to apply for permanent residence in the nation or to extend their open work visa.

How can I Apply for a Work Permit?

  • To apply for a work permit, applicants must first obtain a Labour Market Opinion and a job offer from a Canadian organisation. You may apply with the assistance of a government agency.
  • When the IRCC approves your application, you’ll be able to work in the company as stated in the application.
  • In addition, you’ll hold the title of the application for the time period specified in the application. This is commonly referred to as an employer sponsoring an employee.
  • Through the Canadian Experience Class, you can apply for an open work permit or permanent residence in the country.

What Happens if I Have a Work Permit and Lose my Position in the Company?

The close work permit has a few restrictions, one of which is that you are not permitted to work for any other employer than the one listed on your work permit document.

You will not work for another company if you lose your job.

However, you can work to change the terms when obtaining a new work permit.

Reasons Why Your Spousal Open Work Permit Refused?

Your spouse may apply for an open work permit with a spousal open work permit (SOWP).

This allows your spouse to work in any business while you work or study.

However, a spousal open work permit may be denied by Canadian immigration for the following reasons: 1. Your spouse’s open work permit will be denied if they are living in a foreign country because the SOWP requires your spouse to be living in Canada with a valid residence status.

2. If your spouse does not live at the same address as you, his or her open work permit will be denied.

3. When you apply for SOWP, your spouse’s residence permit must still be valid. Your Spousal Open Work Permit may be denied if your residence permit has expired.

4. Inadequate proof of marriage and the absence of a relationship may result in your spouse’s open work permit application being denied.

5. Inadequate financial proof and insufficient funds may result in the denial of your spouse’s open work permit application.

How to Extend Spouse Open Work Permit?

The SOWP is valid for the same period as the primary applicant’s open work permit.

Reapply solely on your spouse’s permit to extend your spouse’s open work permit.

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How Much is Required for Canada Spouse Open Work Permit Application?

The fee for a spouse’s open work permit varies for several reasons. The average cost of the SOWP application, on the other hand, is CAD 255.

In addition, the processing fee is CAD 155, while the fee for open work permit holders is CAD 100.

What is SOP for a Spouse’s Open Work Permit?

The SOP for a spouse’s open work permit is written proof of your relationship that you present to immigration visa officers.

This letter must include financial information, proof of relationship, and other relevant documents in order for the SOWP application to be approved.

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SOP for Spouse Open Work Permit Canada Sample

See sample of an SOP for spouse open work permit by a Canadian student.


The Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) is a program that enables students who are with an undergraduate degree. The Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs) to get an open work permit. You can only be eligible for a PGWP if you have graduated from DLIs.

The primary difference between a PGWP and a SOWP is that only graduates have access to this permit, while couples are eligible for the SOWP application.

Work permit and a Canada Open work permit FAQ

How Long is a postgraduate Open Work Permit valid? 

With the PGWP, you may work in Canada for at least two (2) years or fewer.  

What Should I Do After Getting a Spousal Open Work Permit in Canada?

If they have approved the SOWP application, you can start making travel and accommodation arrangements.  

 Is Open Work Permit Better than Closed Work Permit in Canada?

Yes, an open work permit is better than a closed work permit.

 A closed work permit only allows the worker to work in a specific position and for a specific employer. It restricts the seeker’s employment to only one employer. An open work permit allows foreign workers to work for any employer in any location in Canada. 


Every Canadian permit has its differences and benefits. With this overview, we hope you understand the difference between a work permit and a Canada Open work permit. 


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