Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Brand Ambassador CV Sample

Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Brand Ambassador CV Sample

Opportunities are numerous in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, especially as it is an emerging industry. This Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Brand Ambassador CV Sample was written, to show you how to tailor your CV when applying for a position in a blockchain/cryptocurrency based organization.

Good luck with writing your Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Brand Ambassador CV!

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Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Brand Ambassador CV Sample



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Brand Promotion ││ Content Creation ││ Social Media Marketing

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, with up-to-date knowledge of global blockchain and crypto activities; have actively promoted over 10 crypto projects to the worldwide crypto space; willing and available to provide effective and efficient solutions to the growth of crypto projects around the world.


  • Blockchain Education and Blockchain Advocacy.
  • Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Brand Awareness and Promotion.
  • Content creation (Blogs, EBooks, and Videos).
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel).
  • Cryptocurrency projects research and analysis.


Spark Wallet          Brand Ambassador

Estonia                    November 2019-Date

  • Tasked with online promotion of the brand product (Crypto wallet).
  • Put out contents explaining how to effectively use and synchronize the brand wallet.
  • Added about 55 new users daily to the brand in a space of 3 months.

Kucoin              Social Media Promoter

South Korea                               2017-Date

  • Assisting in coordinating and managing airdrop and bounty programs.
  • Helping to create brand worldwide awareness within the Crypto community.
  • Ensuring to update the customers within my ecosystem on the recent happenings and projects being carried out by the brand.
  • Driving strategies to represent and promote the brand on Reddit.
  • Writing quality content and posts for information and education.

Dfinity      Brand Ambassador

Singapore               July 2019-Date

  • Tasked with the responsibility of managing traders group and also involved in different initiatives.
  • Representing the brand in prospecting and marketing to new and old customers.


  • Resistance Dex, United States (March-July 2019) – Brand ambassador; focused on creating awareness on social media platforms and sharing ideas that would help grow the ecosystem.
  • Crystal Links Education, United Kingdom- Led social media marketing engagements.
  • Crypto Investment Forum, Nigeria (2017-Date) – Teaching people about cryptocurrencies, blockchain; and how to recognize great projects to invest in.


  • Adaptability –Ability to quickly fit into any team or work position.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration.
  • Fast and Prompt Delivery.
  • Creativity and Critical Thinking.
  • Self Motivation and Resourcefulness.
  • Leadership – Engaging with team members at all levels, conveying a clear vision and pathway for organization success


Bachelor of Science- Computer Science- Caritas University, Nigeria, 2021 (in view)

Tips for Writing Your Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Brand Ambassador CV                        

  • Volunteer experience, internships; can help you present a strong case as a good candidate.
  • When writing your CV, it’s important that you showcase certificates that you’ve acquired. This will in return show that you’ve been preparing for a career in blockchain.
  • Remember, it’s not about recording many past job experiences; what really matters are the relevant experiences, certification, training and skills.
  • If you have so many unrelated/irrelevant experiences to blockchain/cryptocurrency, it’s best to present only the most recent .
  • All your past work duties/achievements/responsibilities should be written in the past tense, while your recent ones should be written in the present tense.
  • When writing achievements or duties carried out; include specifics, that will help your CV stand out. Things like numbers (valuation), specific names of places and tools, will help your CV look more convincing.
  • If you can find areas where your past job relates to blockchain/cryptocurrency, it’ll make your CV even more appealing to an employer.

Key Points for Your CV

Your CV should;

  • Introduce you to the reader.
  • Respond to the requirements of the vacancy.
  • Attract the reader’s interest.
  • Not include too many “I” statements, which can run the risk of disengaging the reader.
  • Show that you’re trust-worthy and ready to grow.

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