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SOP, otherwise known as Statement of Purpose in full, is an important essay required by universities and some foreign embassies when trying to study in their country. This statement contains information about your personality, academic and professional background, and your reason for your choice of school or program. 

Importantly, an SOP informs the admission committee or visa officer why you’re a good fit to study in the university and country.

Who Are SOP Writers?

SOP writers are professional content writers trained to provide high-quality essays that address the concerns of the different committees that require SOP from prospective students. Anybody can write a statement of purpose, but, SOP writers are skilled in highlighting the important information that review committees look out for when reviewing your applications.

In this article, we’ve outlined the best study and visa SOP writers for Ghana, the content of a good SOP, tips for writing a good SOP, and SOP samples.

Content of a Good Statement of Purpose

  • Facts on your Personality.
  • The reason for your application.
  • Your plans after their acceptance
  • Plagiarism and error-free.

Length of Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose is a 500-1500 words long essay.

Tips for Writing a Good Study & Visa SOP

  • Your SOP should contain an outline to give you guidance on how to write.
  • Your SOP should be properly addressed.
  • Be concise about your writing.
  • Positively talk about yourself.
  • Talk about your academic qualifications and how you got them.
  • Be careful not to exceed the word limit.
  • Proofread before submission.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.
Need our Assistance for your LOE/SOP? Contact Fasthire today.

Best Study and Visa SOP Writers for Ghana

These are the best study and visa SOP writers for Ghana

  1. Fasthire Services
  2. Limak Zoe Consult

1) Fasthire Services

Fasthire is a career and educational brand for young professionals. We are a team of experienced professionals that offer excellent services such as CV & Resume writing, LinkedIn optimization, Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement writing, interview preparation tips, and others to clients worldwide. Furthermore, we receive positive reviews from our clients after working with us. 

Service Fee:

Regular: (within 2-7 working days) GHc500/$60.

Express: (within 1-2 working days) GHc800/$90.

Contact Details


Email Address:

Phone No: +234 813 823 5629

Study SOP Samples

Visa SOP Samples

2) Limak Zoe Consult

Limak Zoe Consult offers high-quality services to individuals, institutions, and businesses. They specialise in coaching, institutional technical assistance, the development & training of people, and corporate growth. Limak provides clients with logical tips to assist them in making the best decisions to ensure their success.

Their services include business & strategic plan writing, statement of purpose writing, proposal writing, project work, visa applications, CV development, and others.


Need Assistance Writing Your Statement of Purpose?

If so, contact Fasthire today. We’ll look into your application and compose a good statement for your application. We have professionals who are skilled in helping students compose their study and visa statement of purpose/explanation and we’ll be ready to assist you right away. You can either use our regular, or express service depending on the urgency of your need.

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