7 Best Recruitment Agencies in Finland For Foreigners 2023 (Revised)

Best Recruitment agencies in Finland for foreigners
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Finland is ranked as the 9th most conducive country for foreigners and is also a popular country for immigrants all over the world. to get the most out of this beautiful country’s workforce as a foreigner, you’ll need the services of the Best Recruitment Agencies in Finland for foreigners.

As a foreigner who wants to work in Finland, you should consider using any of these recruitment agencies. In this article, we have pointed out the best recruitment agencies in Finland for foreigners and why you need these agencies.

What are Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies are organizations that help companies(employers) find the right candidate for their vacant positions.

Usually, they are tasked by employers to find suitable candidates for the roles they have put out. And so, because of their relationship with these companies, job seekers employ their services in their search for jobs.

Ultimately, these recruitment agencies help both employers and prospective employees find each other. In so doing they scrutinize these candidates to ensure they fit the needs of the companies. 

At the same time, recruitment agencies help candidates/job seekers by recommending them to companies that also fit their skills or qualifications.

Importance of Using Recruitment Agencies

There is so much importance in employing the services of a recruitment agency. Part of this is; that they enable job seekers to achieve their goals and help companies find their perfect candidates.

Aside from these primary importance, recruitment agencies have some additional importance to both the employer and the prospective employee.

1.  Expert Market Knowledge:

Expert knowledge is important to both the employer and job seeker. In an instance where the desired job by the candidate is going to be difficult to find, the agency can educate the candidate on what to do next and how he can slightly adjust his wants. These agencies also know the best-paying jobs available, current hiring and shortages. For the companies, the agency has access to the best talent and skill set. They can also advise the company on what to look out for in prospects. If you’re an individual looking for a job, these recruitment agencies are ideal. Especially as a foreigner, their knowledge and experience will be very valuable in your job search. They already have the industry analyzed and can give expert directives as well.

2. Saves Time:

Recruitment agencies save both the recruiter and the candidate to be recruited a lot of time. For the employers, these agencies save their time in searching and scrutinizing these prospective employees. The recruitment agencies sift through CVs to pick the best ones for the vacancy available. For candidates, the recruitment agency saves them the time that would have been spent going from one company to another in search of jobs. Instead, they can invest that time into other productive endeavors while they wait for an opportunity that the recruitment agency will provide.

3. Extended Reach:

The recruitment agencies have access to some of the best talents and human resources that the employers won’t have found themselves considering their limited access to prospects. Particularly for foreigners, these recruitment agencies have and know a lot of companies that are in search of skilled foreigners. This advantage makes them a better choice in your job search process.

How Much Does a Finland Recruitment Agency Charge?

As a firm, employing the services of a recruitment agency in Finland comes at a fair cost. However, you need to analyze if the cost suits you or you might be better off finding an alternative.

On average, it costs about €8,800 for every new employee gotten from a recruitment agency. This number varies depending on the skill of the person being recruited as recruitment cost is usually 15%-30% of the employee’s salary. 

As a job seeker or foreigner seeking to employ the services of a Recruitment agency to search for a job, the costs may vary and it would be difficult to place a particular number.

What you should know is, you can get a short contract with a recruitment agency of your choice. Six months perhaps, you can evaluate how much the recruitment agency would charge, which would be dependent on your career choice and the role you’re gunning for.

With the contract being a short one, you can evaluate if you can continue or try a different method of job seeking.

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Best Recruitment Agencies in Finland for Foreigners

Most Recruitment agencies in Finland are ideal for both locals and foreigners.

The recruitment agencies on this list are suitable for foreigners and also locals. Although some are specifically for foreigners. 

1. StaffPoint

StaffPoint is a recruitment agency that offers jobs in various industries. Their services include expert and consulting services, recruitment services, HR services, and more. They specialize in jobs like ICT, Tourism, Logistics, Building, and Property maintenance, offices, hotels, cafes, etc. These services are available to companies seeking to hire people to fill these vacancies and also to people looking for jobs in those fields. For people looking for jobs, StaffPoint works well with foreigners and locals.

2. aTalent Recruiting

They are regarded as one of the top recruitment agencies in Finland with their direct recruitment process. This is a targeted process where they look for public searches are used to find experts. They specialize in commerce and technology. 

3. Adecco

Adecco FInland Review
Adecco FInland Review

With their global presence and their status as one of the world’s foremost providers of human resource solutions, Adecco is a premium option. Within their rank, they have seasoned consultants and recruiters who have immense knowledge about the Finnish markets and industrial environment. Their global presence also improves how well they handle foreign customers. 

4. Finnwards

Finnwards Recruitment Agency Review

They are a new recruitment agency that targets immigrants. They aim to make international transitions easier for individuals and companies. Their consultancy and coaching are based on the Finnish way of life to make sure you adapt. 

5. Horton International

They are an American country that grew its way into Finland. Just like Adecco, their apparent international experience makes them an ideal choice for foreigners moving to Finland. They specialize in IT, pharmaceuticals, and financial services.

6. Barona

With offices located across Finland, Barona has innovative methods to connect the right person to the right job. They are also a leading recruitment agency in countries like Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Poland, etc. 

7. Eezy

Eezy Finland Recruitment Agency
Eezy Finland Recruitment Agency

A consultancy firm that also offers recruitment and staffing services. Eezy has been around for over 25 years and that vast experience is part of what keeps them as one of the top recruitment firms in Finland. They are also very welcoming to locals and foreigners alike.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How can a Foreigner get a Job in Finland?

To work in Finland, you’ll need either a residence permit for an employed person or some other residence permit entitling you to work.

2. Is it Easy to get it Job in Finland for Foreigners?

One of the hardest things for international people is getting their first job in Finland. This is true for many foreigners in Finland, regardless if you are seeking an entry-level position or you’re a proven professional and with the help of a recruiting agent, you should be able to land your first job in Finland.

3. Which Job Has High Demand in Finland?

Finland has a high demand for nurses in the country. Because of the significant workforce shortage in the nursing sector in Finland, they are currently accepting nurses from abroad to work in the healthcare facilities and the public as well as private sectors.

4. Which Job is Easy to Get in Finland?

The top 8 easy jobs to get in Finland are:

  • Product Designer. Product Designer.
  • Technical Customer Specialist. Haltian.
  • Open application. Open application.
  • Tech Lead. eSystems Nordic.
  • Product Lead, Consumer Search. Product Lead, Consumer Search. …
  • Senior Technical Writer.
  • HR Coordinator.
  • Manufacturing Engineering Manager.


These recruitment agencies have made transitioning to life in Finland a lot less hard than it normally would. So, if you have plans of moving to Finland, you now have a glimpse of who you might be contacting to help your job search if you don’t have one already. 

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