Best New Work-Life Balance Books To Read In 2021

Best New Work-Life Balance Books to Read in 2021

Work-life balance is the new favorite topic and everyone seems to be talking about it. The older generation derived more respect and took pride in the amount of time they spent concentrating on their work. This work-focused life led to a lot of problems and the generations after, are doing their best to correct this.

With the growing awareness and interest in the area of work-life balance, there is also an increase in the number of resources available to equip people to achieve this balance. These resources include books, seminars, tapes, bulletins, articles, etc. All these are geared to providing people with the right information to achieve balance in their lives.

The focus of this article is only on books. You may ask, why books? It is focused on books because books give in-depth information on a topic. Experts on a topic take their time to write down valuable information in a book. 

Books also are like a manual that you can always keep with you for life. It is the expert living with you in your home and when you need to hear from the expert, you consult the book. This is why reading books is very important.

Books on work-life balance are written by experts in the field to educate people and give them the necessary information or help needed to achieve balance in their lives. Varieties of books on work-life balance help address different needs of people as work-life balance means different things to different people.

List of New Books on Work-Life Balance

The books listed here were written within the space of November 2020 to July 2021. This is just to write out recent books which are more likely to take into account the challenges and work lifestyle of the 21st-century workforce and also, a bit of information to help work-life balance in a post-COVID-19 era. 

These books are:

  • The Work-Life Balance Myth
  • Better Life Balance Leads to a Better Life
  • Holy Hustle Planner
  • Unapologetic Work-Life Balance
  • The Work-Life Balance Journal: VIDA Map

1. Title: The Work-Life Balance Myth

    Author: David J. McNeff

    Year: 2021

    Price: $16.82

    Page Number: 224

    Where to buy: Amazon, Kindle

Brief Description: This book approaches work-life balance from an angle of the Seven-Slice methods. These Seven-Slices are family, professional, personal, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual slices. This book explains that each of these slices has to be touched in a day for there to be balanced. 

2.   Title: Better Life Balance Leads To a Better Life

      Author: Deangelo Wiener

      Year: 2021

      Price: $3.99

      Page Number: 138

      Where to buy: Amazon, Kindle

Brief Description: This book approaches the topic of work-life balance through in-depth teaching on work-life balance. It contains information that will help you to reclaim a healthy synergetic life balance, silence your inner critic when you need to, be consistent in pursuing any goal you set, and lots more.

3.  Title: Holy Hustle Planner: A Weekly Guide to Your Best Work-Hard, Rest-Well Life.

     Author: Crystal Stine

     Year: 2021

     Price: $4.44

     Page Length: 160

    Where to buy: Amazon, Kindle

Brief Description: This book is one that will help you plan your life to be able to achieve your dreams and goals. It has a space in it where you can write your goals and allows to start the date where you are and follows you through till it is achieved. There is a work hard/rest well scale that helps you gauge where you are and helps you to be productive while getting the required rest.

4.  Title: Unapologetic Work-Life Balance: A Corporate Warrior’s Guide to Creating the Life You Love at Work and Home.

     Author: Janine Graziano-Full

     Year: 2020

     Price: $13.80

     Page Length: 148

     Where to buy: Amazon

Brief Description: This book is written by a corporate warrior to her fellow corporate warriors. It states that one needs not be apologetic for pursuing balance either by taking a break to care for family or any other scenario. It contains strategies, resources, and examples gotten from her years of work and coaching.

5.  Title: The Work-Life Balance Journal: VIDA Map

     Author: Paul W. Crosswell.

     Year: 2020

     Price: $18.98

     Page Length: 104

    Where to buy: Amazon, Kindle

Brief Description: This book is a Life-Balance Manager written to help overcome busyness and to start making real progress in life towards your goals. This VIDA map helps you to see where you are in your goals and plans, where changes need to be made, and how to avoid waiting till you crash before you make changes.

Other Books:

There are other books that were written on work-life balance in older years. These books are:

  • Work-Life Brilliance: Tools to Break Stress and Create the Life and Health You Crave written by Denise Green and Susan Scott
  • Couples That Work written by Jennifer Petriglieri
  • Off-balance: Getting Beyond the Work-Life Balance written by Matthew Kelly
  • Enough: True Measures of Money, Business and Life written by John C. Bogle
  • Pearls of Wisdom. Little Pieces of Advice written by Barabara Bush


In conclusion, it is important to read books on work-life balance. These books help strengthen one’s ability to pursue a life of balance and to live out your full potential and a life that you desire.

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