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If you are searching for work in the US, to get good jobs with great perks, you have to work with a recruitment agency. Working with a job agency helps you narrow down your search to the best firms seeking your skill set and expertise. 

However, if you are not familiar with staffing agencies, the process of identifying or getting one can be so much of a stress. So, in this article, we will be discussing several factors to consider before choosing a recruitment agency. 

Hence, this content covers: 

  • What is a job Agency
  • What makes up a good job Agency
  • Are recruitment agencies worth it?
  • The best job agencies to work within the USA
  • What to expect when working with a job agency

without further ado, let’s begin already.

What is a Job Agency?

A job agency is a company or business that helps people find jobs. They often work with employers to find suitable candidates for a job. Some of their services include CV and Cover letter writing, career advice, interview preps and preparation, etc.

What Qualities should you look out for in a Job Agency?

Since a job agency will be helping you search for the best jobs that match your skill sets, more than often, they will have your details, like name, email and even third-party information since they have access to your resume. Therefore, before you commit your time, resources and details, you must conduct thorough research on the agency.

So, what qualities should you look out for in choosing the best job agency to work with?

1. Transparency:

A reputable job agency should be transparent about the process of its services. From the beginning of the process to the end, you should have a clear picture of what they need from you. They should be willing to answer your questions and also offer you access to the best vacancies that match your profile. Also, in the case of fees, a good job agency is to make clear its charges fees for specific services to avoid getting you a fix in the process.

2. Good Reputation

You must not overlook the reputation of any staffing agency you intend to work with. Ask yourself: what do people say about xx agency, do they have a good review, have they been helpful to previous clients? Do they have good track records or deliver results? The answer to these questions will help evaluate the reputation of different job agencies before settling for any.

3. Credible Work Ethics 

While choosing a job agency to work with, consider their working ethics and values. It is better to work with an agency whose mission, goals and objectives are in line with your expectations. This way, you can be assured and confident that they will deliver quality service as promised.

Other qualities to look out for include

  • They should cover a good range of professional services 
  • They should be committed to service
  • They should knowledgeable and experienced staff base
  • They should be people-centric
  • They should be good listeners 

Are recruitment agencies worth it?

Yes, recruitment or job agencies are worth it because they make the job search process seamless and quick. Aside from these benefits, below are other reasons why you should work with a job agency.

1. They Have Deep  knowledge about your industry

No doubt, you know a job search is a very tiring process especially when searching in a country where you have little knowledge about the career industry and current market conditions. In this case, experts in the job market, say, in the U.S., they can help you with advice on the trends and expectations from different industries. Since these experts have professional recruiters from different fields, you will get more insight into the salary expectations, work ethics and basic requirements to fit into the job market in the USA.

2. They have Access to Jobs that are not Advertised

Some jobs these days do not make it to popular job boards, since candidates are sourced through referral or directly from job agencies. So, recruiters are constantly networking with clients to stay updated with the latest vacancies or future vacancies in their industries. Hence, once such vacancies are created, even before they are made known to the public, these recruiters get first-hand information and thus offer recommendations from their database. This is a common practice for staffing agencies in the USA.

3. They Help you Save Time

Have ever felt exhausted applying for jobs, then imagine adding to that frustration when you realize the job you have spent time applying for is not the best fit for you. Well, truth be told, nobody wants to work in a place where they feel little or no satisfaction. Working with a job agency can help you avoid the stress of applying for and sitting for interviews that are not in line with your passion and goals. Furthermore, when you sign up with a job agency in the United States, you will meet with an expert career consultant who will help identify your skills and give the best job recommendation that aligns with your identified skills.

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4. They help you Hone your skills for Future interviews

As a job seeker, one evident thing is dealing with multiple rejections. The worst part, sometimes you don’t even know why your application was rejected. So, to help you overcome this, good job agencies in the USA offer mock interview sessions to help you practice your answers and composure in an interview. In the end, you get constructive feedback on your performance. In the long run, this will help you identify areas where you need to improve, so that next time, during your real interview, you will have all the confidence in the world.

Best Job Agencies to Work within the USA

In the United States, there are so many legit job agencies that offer staffing solutions to both job seekers, below is a list of the top 20 best job agencies to work within the USA.

  1. Robert Half
  2. Kelly Services
  3. Adecco Staffing
  4. Manpower
  5. Allegis Group
  6. ManpowerGroup Inc
  7. Michael Page
  8. Korn Ferry
  9. TEKsystems, Inc.
  10. Lucas Group
  11. Integrity Staffing
  12. Elite Staffing
  13. Hirewell
  14. Adecco Staffing, USA
  15. Roth Staffing Companies, L.P.
  16. Sparks Group
  17. Betts Recruiting
  18. Barbachano International, Inc.
  19. Insight Global
  20. Kforce

These job agencies listed above are well-established and over the years have nurtured a good reputation in the industry, hence, you are free to work with any of your choice. 

What to Expect when Working with a Job Agency?

Job agencies are not Employment agencies, they cannot guarantee you a job, but they help you with resources to help you scale the application and interview process. When working with a job agency, these are the things you can expect:

  • An initial interview 
  • Resume and cover letter review 
  • Job Matching 
  • Interview Preparation 
  • Negotiation assistance

Conclusion on Best Job Agencies to Work within USA

Navigating job marketing, especially as a newbie in the industry or a country like the USA, can be very challenging. The best way you can bypass the stress that comes with searching for jobs in industries and areas you have never accessed before is by working with a job agency. As discussed in this article, Job agencies help you navigate the process seamlessly because of their knowledge and deep expertise. So, if you are considering working in the USA, feel free to choose any from this role. 

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