Best Careers for Foreigners without a Degree in the USA

Careers for Foreigners without Degree USA
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A career in the USA is a top-notch experience that many foreigners want. However, there are people without a degree that anticipate this experience.

Just because you don’t have a degree doesn’t mean you can get a well-paid career. Having a degree is essential but not necessarily for earning a salary. Some people don’t have the finances to sponsor their education, so they have to work to study. Of course, they need well-paid careers.

Many foreigners move to the United States for greener pastures; who wouldn’t? The United States offers a lot of opportunities for foreigners.

Are you thinking of moving to the USA in search of a job without a degree, you don’t know how to go about it, or do you believe there are no opportunities for you? Do you have questions on how to move to the USA? In this article, we give you a rundown of the best careers for foreigners without a degree in the USA, steps to take, and necessary information to note.

How to Find a Career without a Degree in the USA

Finding a career as a foreigner without a degree in the USA isn’t all that difficult if only you can understand the process. Here are the steps below

  • Firstly, decide the type of job you want. What skills do you possess? What career sounds interesting to you?
  • Run research on the best places to work as a foreigner without a degree.
  • Start your job search based on the chosen location and job type.
  • Apply for a work visa.
  • Have your CV and Resume reviewed to suit the chosen location and job type. Contact Fasthire Services to help with your review.
  • Find an employer and apply for the job.
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Careers for Foreigners without a degree in the USA

Security Personnel

These are patrol officers, security guards, bouncers, and others serve and protect people and their properties. You only need security skills for any of these jobs.

Flight Attendant

It is their job is to attend to passengers on the plane. Qualifications required are to be over 18 years, have clean medical results, and be fit and friendly.

Sales Representative

They advice and serve customers, process payments, and offer good customer service. Skills needed are customer service skills, patience, and calmness towards customers.


An electrician is a person that installs and repairs electrical equipment. You need skills and experience in electrical installation and repair.


A plumber is a person that installs and fixes pipes and anything connected to the water supply in the house.

Fitness instructor

They provide training on fitness programs and exercises for others.


Masons are people skilled at making buildings with brick or stones.

Interpreter/ translator

 It is a person whose job is to translate pieces of information from one language to another.


Is a person who plants, cultivates, and cares for the garden of a home or business place.

Wind turbine Technician

 A person that installs, inspects, operates, and repairs wind turbines.

Hotel housekeepers

These are hotel staff members in charge of carrying out cleaning duties.

Massage therapist

A massage therapist is a person who uses varying degrees of pressure and movements in their touch to bring the human body relief from pain and stress.

Mail Processor

This is an employee of the postal office responsible for sorting incoming and outgoing mail and packages.

Tour guide

A tour guide provides assistance and historical information to visitors at places of interest.

Farm worker

 This is a person employed for agricultural labor.


A nanny is employed by a family to train and care for their children.

Delivery driver

A delivery driver is responsible for collecting, transporting, and delivering items to their destinations.


They are often known as the caretaker of large buildings (such as schools) in charge of the cleaning and repairs of the building.

Waiter/waitress/bar attendant

They work at hotels, restaurants, or bars serving food and drinks to guests.


A receptionist manages the front desk of an organization. They greet clients, answer phone calls, and schedule appointments.

Construction Equipment Operator

 They operate construction equipment used in the construction of roads, bridges, buildings, and other structures.

Websites to find Careers for Foreigners without Degree in the USA

  • Fasthire.
  • Indeed.
  • Glassdoor.
  • Careerjet.
  • Jobble.


You certainly don’t have to give up on your dreams of having a career in the USA just because you don’t have a degree. The USA is a country with lots of opportunities for foreigners.

If you need help reviewing your CV and Resume, contact Fasthire today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Country is easy to get Unskilled Jobs?

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Which Country has the most Unskilled Workers?

Thailand has the most unskilled workers.

What is the Age Limit to work Abroad?

The age limit to work abroad is 18 years in many countries whereas the others at 21 years.

What is the Easiest Foreign Country to get a Job?

The easiest foreign country to get a job is the Netherlands because they offer one-year residency for foreigners to start a business. After one year, the foreigner can apply for a self-employed work permit.

Which Country offers the most Job Opportunities for Foreigners?

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Opportunities in USA for foreigner
Opportunities in USA for foreigner
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