Best Canadian Nanny Employment Agencies

Best Canadian Nanny Employment Agencies

Many Canadian nanny employment agencies specialize in the training and placement of nannies into households. In this article, we give an overview of the best Canadian nanny employment agencies, the requirements to be a nanny, the qualities of a nanny, and the duties of a nanny. However, we would start by explaining about Canadian nannies.

A nanny is a person who provides professional child care to the children of their employers. They may decide to live in or out of the house. Nannies genuinely love the company of the children and understand their development. They maintain a positive relationship with the kids and try to shape their values and beliefs.

As a Canadian nanny, you should provide quality child care by making choices in the children’s best interest. Nannies are to offer their services and not expect accolades from anybody.

Qualities of a Canadian Nanny

  • Trustworthy: they are trusted by their employees to provide quality care for their children even in their absence.
  • They enjoy children: they are not irritated by the presence or characters of the children.
  • Patience: they spend a lot of time with the children without losing their temper or becoming agitated.
  • Reliability: their employers and the kids should be able to rely on them at all times to do the right thing.
  • Organized: with a lot of duties and responsibilities to carry out, they must be organized so they don’t miss any.
  • Educated and Trained: with their education and training, they know what to do in all situations which makes their job very easy.
  • Experienced: being experienced teaches you a lot of things not taught during training. And this knowledge helps you handle future situations.
  • Neat: they make sure the environment is clean
  • Responsible and Proactive: they are accountable for the children and must be able to deal with all situations.
  • Creative: they find creative solutions to issues and come up with new activities for the kids when they are bored
  • Safety Conscious: they need to be safety conscious or the kids
  • Communicative: Communication skills are important as they help relate with their employers and kids properly.
  • Understanding: All nannies should be very understanding.
  • Supportive & Encouraging: They ought to be supportive and encouraging to the children
  • Clean criminal record: A clean criminal background.
  • Role model: Nannies should have strong morals and good characters that the children can emulate.
  • Fun: they should be fun with no dull moments.
  • Enthusiastic:  they should be eager to know the children and their employers better.

Duties of a Canadian Nanny

As a Canadian nanny, you are to perform certain duties and they are as follows:

  • You perform housekeeping duties.
  • Prepare meals for the children.
  • Feed the infants and toddlers.
  • Change the diapers of the infants.
  • Bathe and dress the children.
  • You do the laundry.
  • Schedule nap time for them.
  • Tidy up the environment and ensure personal hygiene.
  • Organize creative activities and educational games to entertain them.
  • Ensure their safety indoors and outdoors.
  • Work with their parents to ensure their growth
  • Assist them to do school work.
  • Transport them to the necessary locations.
  • Teach them appropriate behaviours.
  • Portray good morals to them.
  • Discipline them according to the methods of their parents.
  • Administer first aid when necessary.
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Qualifications Needed to Become a Nanny in Canada (National & Foreigner)

There are certain steps taken to becoming a Canadian nanny and they are as follows:

  • A secondary school certificate.
  • One year of working experience as a nanny or six months of full-time classroom training in caregiving.
  • Certificate from childcare program or related field.
  • The ability to speak, read and understand English or French.
  • Clean criminal record.
  • First aid and CPR training.
  • Driving License

For Foreigners

  • Find  a reputable agency
  • Prepare and review your documents
  • Acquire the required skills.
  • Be mentally prepared for the job.

Best Canadian Nanny Employment Agencies

Diamond Personnel Inc

Having placed over 5000 caregivers in the homes of Canadians, Diamond Personnel is a fully licensed recruitment firm that was founded in 1989. They specialize in full-time and temporary placements. Their services are reliable and professional.


Regency Nannies

Founded in 2004, they help families balance work and personal life by helping them find the perfect nanny to meet their needs.


Email Address:

Address: 4770 Avenue de Kent, Suite 201, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3W 1H2

Phone Number: +1(514)344-0099

Heritage Nannies

They believe that every family deserves an amazing nanny they can rely on and see it as their duty to connect you to quality nannies. Heritage Nannies provide the best and finest candidates with the necessary skill, appropriate experience, and excellent credentials.


Email Address:

Address: 333 Marquis Landing SE, Calgary, AB T3M 2H4 Canada

Phone Number: (587) 355-7800


ABC Nannies

With over 16 years of experience, ABC Nannies have successfully matched nannies and employers with similar interests


Email Address:

Phone Number: 1-604-726-6501

Nanny Services

They are the leading caregiving service providers in Canada. Their staff is professionally trained to provide quality service in childcare, elder care, pet care, and household help. Nanny Services assist families in finding trustworthy and affordable caregivers and aid caregivers seeking employment. However, they ensure quality service to clients and get positive reviews.


Phone Number: +1 (888) 369-8819

Nanny Interview Questions

The nanny interview is very essential as it determines if you are a perfect match for the job. Below are frequently asked interview questions:

  • Why did you pursue a career as a nanny?
  • What is the essential element of working as a nanny?
  • What qualities and skills do you possess to make you a good nanny?
  • What qualifications do you have to be a professional nanny?
  • What did you enjoy most in your previous jobs?
  • Why are you best suited for this job?
  • Why do you like taking care of children?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses and how do they affect you?


In some cases, nannies are the parents some children see and know, making most of their life’s beliefs and morals shaped by what the nannies taught them. As a nanny, you need to be sensitive in dealing with the children as their future might depend on you.

Being a nanny without passion for the job and love for children is a big mistake. However, this article above opens you to more insight as a nanny.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Nanny Get Permanent Residence in Canada?

Yes, you can when you have two years of working experience under the Live-in Caregiver Program in Canada.

Are Nannies also Considered Caregivers?

Yes, they are, because they care for the children of their employers.

Who can apply as a Nanny in Canada?

Anyone who meets the requirements of a Canadian caregiver program or a Canadian nanny employment agency can apply as a nanny in Canada.

Is Nanny in Demand in Canada?

Yes, it is.

How much do Nannies make in Canada?

The average salary of a Canadian nanny is $25,352 per year or $13 per hour.

What is the Age limit for Nanny in Canada?

There is no age limit although you must be above 16years to work in Canada.

Do I need IELTS to be a Caregiver in Canada?

Yes, it is required.

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