Best Canada SOP & LOE Writers for Ghanaians

Canada SOP & LOE Writers fro Ghanaians
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From the result of different reports, Canada has been ranked one of the best places to achieve international education. They provide a safe and conducive environment that ensures students thrive with ease, and coupled with the work opportunities available in Canada, it is no surprise that this North-American nation is a hot cake for international studies.

Ghanaians just like many other international students see the prospects of studying in Canada and are beginning to see it as an option for their advanced degrees.

However, before being admitted into any Canadian institution, you’re most times required to submit a statement of purpose (SOP) which will help the admission committee ascertain if you’re a good fit for their program. On the other hand, after being admitted, you’re expected to apply for a study permit (study visa), and this application usually goes with a statement of purpose which gives you the opportunity to explain in details some of the things that your documents can’t explain such as; your motivation for studying in Canada, what the program holds for you, and how you plan to fund your study.

What is SOP, and Why is it Required?

SOP is an important essay of 1000-1500 words written by students to explain their intentions of studying at a particular university. It is required because of the following

  • SOP helps the admission board of your chosen university to access your beliefs, goals, visions, ideas, etc.
  • SOP expresses your communication style.
  • The admission board uses your essay to determine if you are good enough for their school.

Types of SOP

  • SOP for Study Application: This SOP is written to a university or more when seeking admission from them.
  • SOP for visa application: this is an essay attached to your visa application that states why you should be given a student visa to study in a foreign country.

How Fasthire SOP Writers Can Help You

Fasthire SOP writers are essential because they assist students in writing clean and concise SOP for their applications. Here is how we can help you

  • We’ll provide you with high-quality and plagiarism-free SOP.
  • Our writers know your chosen universities better than you do whereas knowing what they require you to write.
  • We’ll expertly portray key areas of your statement that you may not know how to express.
  • We can help you save time for other parts of your application while we carry the burden of churning out 500-1000 words to explain your intents and ideas.

Why Ghanaians Should Study in Canada

  1. English speaking nation.
  2. World class institutions
  3. Globally recognized certification
  4. Conducive student learning environment
  5. Affordable tuition for similar programs when compared to USA, UK, and Germany
  6. Well-funded schools which will ease your research prospects.
  7. Study supports through scholarships
  8. Post study work opportunities
  9. Available jobs
  10. Multicultural society which makes it easy for foreign students to adapt
  11. Networking opportunities especially because Canada attracts a lot of students from different countries.

How We Serve Ghanaians

FasthireService is a professional career and educational brand that provides excellent services to clients worldwide. We are a team of experienced professionals with the necessary knowledge to provide the best service for you.

Our SOPs samples have reviews from satisfied customers. As a team, we work together through laid down steps and rules to provide you with plagiarism and error-free SOPs.

Our service follows six (6) strategic steps from order to delivery;

  1. Enquiry: Contact us via our communication channels, email, WhatsApp and place your order.Our corresponding admin will ask some background questions to understand your career and academic position.
  2. Place Your Order: Once our Admin confirms that your work is something that we can handle, you’re directed to send your details to us via mail or through our form. Place Your Order: Place your order by sending your details.
  3. Make Payment: Proceed to make payment after we’ve received your document.
  4. Wait for your delivery: After making payment, wait for your delivery (takes 2-7 working days for regular, and 3 working days for express).
  5. Preview Copy: You will receive the preview copy for corrections.
  6. Final submission: After receiving your reviews, we’ll incorporate it and finalize your order.

Our Qualities

  • Fasthire understands you, the information you give us, and the requirements of your application.
  • With the understanding we get, Fasthire portrays your purpose professionally.
  • We efficiently and effectively edit, proofread, and deliver your SOP to you.
  • Our customer care is top-notch.

Keys Areas we’d Cover in your Canada SOP

  • Fasthire explains your reason for choosing the program and how their acceptance can influence your future.
  • Explain how your current career has prepared you to excel in the field of study.
  • Why you picked the school and country.
  • How you plan to fund your study.
  • Your ties to your country and why you’ll return after your program.
  • Explain any study gaps or poor academic performances.

SOP Samples for Canada Study Application

SOP Samples for Canada Visa Application


  • Regular: GHc500/$460 (within 2-5 working days).
  • Express: GHc800/$90 (within 1-2 working days).


  • Standard 500 – 1000 words
  • Extensive grammar checks
  • 100% plagiarism free
  • Delivered in various formats (Word, PDF Document)
  • 2 –5 Working days

Do you Need Assistance Writing your Canada SOP/LOE? If so Contact us Today.

Fasthire provides quality writing services to all Ghanaians with the intent of studying in Canada. And in this article, we give a rundown of how we offer our services.

Need help reviewing your Statement of Purpose? Contact us Fasthire today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Canada SOP

Is Your Service Plagiarism Free?

Yes, our statements are 100% plagiarism free and also we ensure to meet the expectations for your study or visa application.

How Do You Come Up With Your SOPs?

Fasthire writers compose your statements like an essay, we work using the details from your CV, answers to our background questions, and further research about your program to develop a winning SOP for you.

How much is a student Visa from Ghana to Canada?

The fee is 150CAD which is to be paid online, through a bank transfer, or at a visa application center in Ghana.

Are There Schools in Canada that Do Not Need SOP?

Yes, there are schools in Canada that doesn’t request for an SOP to admit you for their program. However, if your school is requesting for it, you have to submit one.

Can I Get my Visa without SOP?

Yes, you can. However, SOP is advisable as it enables the visa officer to access your profile because Canada embassy will not invite you for an interview. Hence, your SOP is the opportunity you have to sell yourself.

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