Top American Companies that Sponsor Foreign Workers

American Companies Sponsor Foreign Workers

As a foreign worker, being sponsored by an American company is a step further to fully migrating to the United States. Numerous situations can result in the need for a specialist. There might be no specialist in that geographical location or the employer needs someone from a different background. Whichever is the case, American companies sponsor the visas of these specialists to work in the United States.

Requirements for Visa Sponsorship

To receive a visa sponsorship from an American company, there are certain requirements to be met. Firstly, you should have a degree from an accredited program. Your degree can be a bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree, or Ph.D. degree.

Secondly, you must have certification showing specialized knowledge or experience to prove the skills your sponsor is employing you for. With these documents, you just need to apply for sponsorship.

Visa Sponsorship: Explanation and Types

A visa sponsor signs a file stating that they take responsibility for you, your actions, and probably your finances during your stay in their country.

An employment visa sponsorship states that you are being hired by the employer sponsor. Although the employer has to provide certification from the department of labour showing that there are not enough workers who are willing, capable, and available in the area of employment.

Furthermore, there are two types of visas and they are as follows

  • Immigrant Visa- otherwise known as the USA Green Card Visa authorizes the Visa holder to live and work in America permanently.
  • Non-immigrant Visa- is for foreign individuals seeking to be in the United States temporarily for work, tourism, medical treatment, and study. This visa lasts for only 3 years and can further be renewed for another 3 years by your sponsor. The foreigner can apply for a green card before the six years expiration and if it isn’t given the foreigner must leave the country.
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American Companies that Sponsor Foreign Workers


This is an American multinational technology company founded by Jeff Bezos. It is the world’s largest online retailer and cloud service, provider. Their services include e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Amazons operate in four principles; customer obsession, passion for inventing, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking.

Amazon is one of America’s largest sponsors of non-immigrant visas for foreign workers because it is seeking out specialists with technical skills.

Official Website


Google is an American technology company that focuses on search engine technology, online advertising, cloud computing, computer software, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, and many more.

They sponsor temporary visas for foreign workers willing to work in the United States.

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Microsoft is a technology company that deals with the development of computer software and application. They also publish books, offer email services, and sell computer game systems.

Microsoft provides support to people willing to live and work in the United States temporarily.

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Apple Inc.

Apple is a well-known technology company famous for its top-notch hardware and software products. They produce and sell smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart watches, and other portable and wearable devices.

Apple also sponsors the visas of foreign workers with tech skills to come work for them.

Official Website


Deloitte is an international enterprise with a global network of firms dedicated to assisting the firms to advance through their audit, consulting, risk advisory, financial advisory, and other related services.

Official Website


Accenture is an international service company that offers a wide range of services to other companies and clients alike. These services include consulting, marketing, technology strategies, and many more.

Accenture is one of the American companies that sponsor foreign workers.

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Qualcomm is a multinational digital telecommunication company that is dedicated to the development and provision of devices that improves global communication.

This is one of the American companies that sponsor the visas of foreign workers.

Official Website

Xerox Corporation

Xerox Corporation is a multinational company that deals in the production of office technology like printers, photocopiers, printing papers, and many more. They sponsor the visas of foreign workers.

Official Website

Walt Disney

This is a worldwide entertainment company. They entertain, inspire, and inform their audience through their creativities, famous brands, and innovative technologies.

Walt Disney is a diversified corporation because they aim at uniting the world through their products and entertainment. This is one of the American companies that sponsor the visas of foreign workers.

Official Website


Walmart is one of the world’s largest companies. They lead a chain of supermarkets and retail shops around the world. They are top-notch at hiring foreign workers and sponsoring their visas.

Official Website


As much as they want to, not every company in America can sponsor foreign workers because the process is sometimes long and hard. These companies listed above are America’s finest establishments that sponsor the visas of foreign workers permanently or temporarily.

You can visit their websites for more information on their visa sponsorship program and how you can apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do American companies sponsor visas?

Yes, they do.

Can I get sponsored to work in America?

Yes, you can

How do I get sponsorship to work in America?

As explained in the overview above, you have to receive an employment sponsorship offer from your sponsor

Can I work for an American company without a visa?

Yes, you can if you are working from your own country.

Opportunities in USA for foreigner
Opportunities in USA for foreigner

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