Affordable Resumé Writing Services in Nigeria

Affordable Resumé Writing Services in Nigeria
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Are you thinking of how to get a killer resumé/CV? Your resumé should analyze the full history of your academic credentials, skills, and qualifications. However, in other to get hired you only have an option of presenting the recruiter with a capturing resumé/CV. So, do well to make your CV outstanding.

Not everyone is skilled in writing. Perhaps, you might know how to write your CV, but getting the service of a CV expert should more likely increase your chances of getting hired, and save you more time. Whether you’re an entry-level candidate with or without experience, a mid-level candidate, or a senior-level candidate, you should have a great CV that will impress your recruiter.

The cost of CV writing might be a challenge for some job seekers. Especially, fresh graduates that are new to job hunting. Nevertheless, it’s nothing to worry about because we’ve been able to put out very affordable resumé writing services in Nigeria that deliver outstanding CVs.

Do you know you can Review your CV?

If you already have a CV, then, a CV review is what you need! This will give you the opportunity of getting a professional upgrade of your CV. A CV review can be done by a CV expert or any CV writing service. Recall, you only get one chance to impress your recruiter/HR manager. Therefore, give your CV a chance to show the HR manager that you’re skilled, qualified, and exactly what they’re searching for. 

Muchmore, CV review is important in your career life, because as you go further you’ll need to upgrade your CV. CV review involves recreating your CV by touching on vital aspects, including the layout, word choice, and the way you frame your experience.

There’re so many affordable resumé writing services in Nigeria that offer remarkable CV review services. Amongst all, we have listed a few you can trust and contact to get your CV kicking.

Why You Might Need a CV Review  

Maybe you already have a CV. Still, you might need to review that CV for some of these reasons;

  1. Time out from Job-hunting: being away from the job-hunting space for a long time leads to having some irrelevant information in your CV. CV style, recruitment practices, and formats change over time and hence, your CV must be reviewed often. For example, Including your full address is no longer a common practice, neither is your date of birth.
  2. Wrong Self-presentation: If you receive none or few test/interview invites after sending your CV and many applications, then you need to review your CV. Some pieces of information on your CV are most likely representing you wrongly. It is therefore important to review your CV and you should contact an expert to review it for you.
  3. Gap in Employment History: rough or irregular employment history leaves your CV with a gap.
  4. Absent or Misused ATS Compatible Keywords: employers make use of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) when sorting applications. Peradventure you did not use the relevant keywords in your CV, your CV is not going to be captured. A CV expert will help you optimize your CV to pass through ATS
  5. You might have included the wrong details and skipped important professional highlights in your CV.
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Major Things That Should Be Included In your Resumé

  • Personal Summary 
  • Career History 
  • Academic Qualification 
  • Skill/Experience
  • Area of Expertise
  • Reference 

Key Features of a Good CV

You could be the best suitable candidate for a job but if your CV is disorganized, rambling, and doesn’t highlight your key abilities then you will probably not be shortlisted. Make sure your CV has these features;

  • Quality 
  • Clarity
  • Relevancy
  • Usefulness
  • Organization
  • Current (Up to date)

Affordable Resumé Writing Services in Nigeria

  1. Fasthire Services
  2. SharpHire
  3. JarusHub
  4. Jobzilla
  5. Jobs Delon

1. Fasthire Services

Fasthire is a career brand for young professionals. We deliver one of the best CV and Cover Letters, Personal Statement LinkedIn Optimization, Job Listing, SEO Writing, and Interview Preparation Services.

The CVs we produce showcase your key attributes and the strengths you represent improving your chances of progressing from the application stage to the interview stage. We develop job search documents that increase your chances of getting hired by at least 50% and provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate your strengths to the hiring manager directly.

Service Fee:

Entry Level: N4000.

Junior Level: N6000.

Mid Level: N8000.

Senior Level: 10,000.

Delivery Date: 2-5working days

Contact Details : +2348138235629, Email:


2. SharpHire

SharpHire was founded to bridge the gap between great talent and Recruiters of labor. Since its inception, SharpHire has successfully helped fill a large number of resource gaps in various industries through our tested, tried, and true recruitment and testing processes.

Service Fee:

Entry Level (0-2yrs) N2,500

Junior Level (3-5yrs) N3,500

Mid Level (6-10yrs) N5,500

Expert Level (11-20yrs) N12,000

Veteran Level (21-25) N18,000

Delivery Date: 1-3working days

Contact Details : +2348142558694, Email:


3. JarusHub

JarusHub provides valuable information starting from how to excel in school, to how to effectively transition to the labor market, to how to settle in the workplace and rise through the career ladder, and finally tips to starting own business or running a company as a top-level executive.

Service Fee:

(0-5yrs experience) N5,000

(6-10yrs experience) N7,500

(10yrs Non-Executive) N8,000

(10yrs Executive) N20,000

Veteran Level (21-25) N18,000

Delivery Date: 1-4working days

Contact Details : +2348085404500, Email:


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4. Jobzilla

Jobzilla Nigeria is an online job search website that publishes the latest job vacancies and other opportunities (business opportunities, scholarships, etc..) in Nigeria.

Service Fee:

(CV only) N5,000

(CV + Cover Letter) N7,000

Delivery Date: 5 working days

Contact Details : +2348139012623, Email:


5. Jobs Delon

Jobs Delon is one of the top job websites in Nigeria. They provide more free value-added services to job seekers than any other job site in Nigeria. Also, their website has the most diverse database of jobs in Nigeria. Among our special services is a free weekly live webinar to teach Nigerian students, Pre-NYSC, NYSC, and recent graduates about finding jobs in Nigeria and career development.

Service Fee:

N5,000 – N20,000 (depending on years of experience)

Contact Details : +2347034945298, Email:


Other Trusted Resumé Writing Services in Nigeria

6. MyJobMag

MyJobMag’s goal is to solve the fundamental employment challenge in Africa which cuts across employer-employee quality and discovery. From internship coaching, career counseling, training to personalized job discovery, we are everything to the candidate. 

Service Fee:

Entry Level (0-2yrs) N12,000

Mid Level (3-9yrs) N18,000

Senior Level (10yrs) N25,000

Delivery Date: 9 working days

Contact Details : +2347066839654, Email:


7. Jobberman

Jobberman connects qualified professionals like you to their dream jobs and employers to the best talent to help grow their businesses. Also, they started as a recruitment and job search platform but have grown into an all-encompassing career platform offering online career advice, personalized HR solutions for both individuals and institutions as well as training services for jobseekers. 

Service Fee:

Bronze N12,900

Silver N20,000

Gold N33,900

Delivery Date: 2-7working days

Contact Details : +2348139859999, Email:


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