15 Traits That Make A Company A Great Place To Work

15 Traits That Make A Company A Great Place To Work
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Have you ever fallen in love with a company, and constantly fantasize about working there? I have, and I bet you have too. Real-life is different from fantasy. We don’t make our decisions based on assumptions and endless wishes. We analyze our options over some criteria, and traits that make a company a great place to work in.

So you ask, what traits make a company a great place to work in? What are the options you should consider when deciding where to work? This article has the answers to your questions.

When people are asked what they will consider before picking where to work in, you’ll hear them mention things like; salary scale, gratuities, company culture, etc. While these things are very important, here are the key factors to consider when making a serious decision like ‘the company to work for’.

Some traits are influenced by outsiders...

 Most times the criteria we consider are criteria influenced by outsiders (people that are not working in the companies). The criteria are the outsiders’ view. That is why we have Jobberman to thank for in her 2019 annual industry survey that revealed the key traits that the insiders (the people already working in different Nigerian companies) consider as essential traits to consider when deciding where to work in.

Professional footballers and experts also confirm that the view from inside the pitch is different from the view when watching from the stands. This also applies to a corporate work environment. It is easier to tag a company a great place to work in, based on your view as a prospect

We are focused on what insiders are saying because we believe that those who are already in the system have a better understanding of what works, and what should be attainable from a company.

What we hope to achieve with this article is to arm you with the top attainable industry traits that will make you happy working for a company. We want to highlight to your job what you should be looking out for or considering when building your bucket list of places that you would like to work.

It’ll also interest you to know that the survey also produced a list of the best 100 companies to work for in Nigeria, you can read here

Overall Top 10 Ranked Traits That Matter the Most in a Company

  1. Strong Relatable Company Goals
  2. Open Effective Management
  3. Flexible Hours
  4. Transparent Performance Management
  5. Health Programs
  6. Career Growth
  7. Competitive Pay Package
  8. Financially Stable Company
  9. Job Security
  10. Welfare Benefit

Overall Top 10 Ranked Traits That Matter the Most in a Company and Why You Should Care

Strong Relatable Company Goals

From the survey, insiders believe that if a company goals and values align with their personal goals, then it is a great place to work in as it gives them the motivation to promote the organization’s growth. Before picking a place to work, you should consider the organization goals, and values, if it aligns with your personal goals, you’ll enjoy your stay and it’ll be easier for you to achieve both your personal and corporate results.

Open Effective Management

An organization that has open effective management is a great place because it means the organization is open on crucial issues that ensure the organization runs smoothly. It also means the organization is not run by cliques and cabals.

Flexible Hours

How flexible is the work hour? Will you have time to live your life after work? Do you have to work overtime or shifts? Do you have to work both on weekends, and not even have time to live your own life? These are essential questions that sum up to determine how flexible the work hour of a great company is. It is important to you because a flexible work hour will play a key role in enabling you to balance work-life and personal life.

Transparent Performance Management

This is a key factor in creating a dynamic workplace. A company that exercises the highest level of transparency when conducting performance management is a great place to work.

Health Programs

Great companies put the health and wellness of their employees first. They leverage on health programs and schemes to enhance the health of their workers. Prioritizing health will help promote productivity, reduce absenteeism, fatigue, and stress among employees.

Career Growth

You want to be assured that your growth process through the corporate ladder has a well-defined pattern. It helps you set targets for where you want to be in your career as time goes.

Competitive Pay Package

If a company is capable of paying you an equal or above industry standard for your level or position, then it is an added advantage that you should consider when making your final decision.

Financially Stable Company

As an employee, you should consider financially stable companies because with financial stability comes the assurance that you are not sailing in a sinking or troubled ship. You should pick a company that the financial state and well-being is good as you have financial responsibilities

Job Security

The higher the job security the better. You don’t want to wake up one morning and discover that your company has gone out of business and you just lost your job

Welfare Benefits

Welfare benefits like social security, health insurance, etc are important options you should consider when deciding which company to work with.

Other Notable Traits that Make a Company a Great Place to Work

  1. Staff support
  2. Talent
  3. Reputable Company
  4. Team Work
  5. Customer Focus

So there you have it; 10 Traits That Make a Company A Great Place To Work. You now have in your hand a very effective tool that will help you pick the best place you should work in.

Caution: There’s no perfect organization in real life, don’t expect all companies to meet these standards. You should be considerate of your demands.

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